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What is a Knight?

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Introduction to the Knight Class


The Knight Job Class is the defense oriented class that comes from the Soldier Job Class. They are known for using one-handed weapons, crossbows and shields. Although a Knight focuses primarily on defense and controlling the enemy’s attention, there are different ways in which you can develop your skill tree. We will go over the tools Knights have to control aggro, bolster their defenses, and go on the offensive.


How does a Knight control aggro? They have two main tools to do so, the Taunt skill from the Soldier skill tree, and the Sacrifice skill, which is a unique skill to Soldiers (Knights and Crusaders). Taunt will make a single enemy start attacking you, while Sacrifice will make all enemies within its range start attacking you.


What tools does a Knight Discipline have to improve their defenses? Aside from the additional defense a shield brings, Knights have multiple passives which further increase their block rate, their defense and their shield’s defense boost. They also have access to several buffs which can increase Defense, Block Rate, HP and even to reflect damage back at your enemies. Staminal Assist, Safe Guard, Protection and Shield Reflect are buffs you want to look into to achieve these types of boosts to your defenses.


A Knight does have offensive options, they have single target melee attacks such as Lightning Crasher, energy based ranged attacks such as Sword Force, and even a powerful area attack in Swords of Zant. They also have passives which increase their accuracy and one-handed weapon damage. Whether you choose to develop your defense first, you offense first, or find a balance of the two is up to you as you develop your Knight.

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