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Knowledge Base Guidelines

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The Defenders of the Cross “Knowledge Base” is the central hub for receiving Guides of the Defenders of the Cross Universe. This tutorial will inform you of the requirements for making your own entries on the gazette.

There are quite a lot of key things to keep in mind, when writing for the Guide. Starting with the main fact that it is to help other Defenders, or spread knowledge to the rest. Meaning that all entries added into the Knowledge Base must be related to game-play and the things happening in the world. Here is a list of categories which divide Guides entries.

Character Builds – (Soldier, Hawker, Dealer, Muse or any type of Character Build. These range from Skill Guides or Stat Guides.)

Story line – (Missions, resource drives, battles, organization stance changes, defender deaths, and organizations, or squads)

Within these categories there are a few basic rules to follow. These rules apply to all of them when writing a gazette entry.

A) No external world resources can be mentioned. (Facebook, and other real life entities.)

B) The Entry has to have been written by an in-game existing character. Thus linking this entry to your character for other players to recognize.

C) The writer cannot add things that do not fit with the story line. (Made up things, conversations that didn’t take place in game, characters who do not exist in the game, nor claiming to be a different character)

D) Writings for the Guides must fit with the game’s concrete timeline, and not have any plot holes in them.

If you are a Premium Player you can write your guides a submit them to You can also make Videos and be rewarded RP.

Note: Avoid repeats. Do not repeat Guides that are already in the Knowledge Base.

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