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What is a Champion?

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Introduction to the Champion Class


The Champion Job Class is the offensive focused job class that comes from the Soldier Job Class. They are frontline fighters which can use a variety of weapons in their own, also varied, combat styles. Their primary stat is Strength, with Concentration, Dexterity or Sense being secondary. Depending on the combat style you wish to implement, you would choose which passives to level and which weapon to choose from. Champions are quite versatile in their builds, and in high levels can even mix and match different playstyles. Their different combat styles are as follows:


Two-Handed Sword, this combat style focuses on accuracy, making sure their debuffing attacks connect and cripple the opponent with techniques such as Voltage Crash from the Soldier skill tree and Space Attack from the Champion Discipline skills. At the end of their skill tree they get access to an area attack known as Seismic Impact.


Spear, this two-handed weapon style focuses on surround skills and rapid attack speed on the battlefield. They are the best at tearing through groups of enemies with their unmatched attack speed and with area attacks such as the Soldier skill Spin Attack and its stronger counterpart, Raknu Heel Strike.


Axe, this two-handed weapon concentrates on massive single target damage, with high power weapon skills and improved critical hit rate on their auto attacks. They can use the ranged stun of Weapon Launcher from the Soldier skill tree to close in on their opponents and deliver a devastating blow in the form of Slugger, the final technique of their skill tree.

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