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The Oath

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By: Golie Otava

Union Caretaker of the Righteous Crusaders

Just like any other job, there’s always a code of conduct my friends. So don’t be surprised or expect any less from the Defender’s job. Code of conducts exist for a reason, and this one vows more on the lines of oaths than anything else. As defenders, you’re expected to uphold these and look forward to working with others who as well are requested to follow these guidelines.


  1. A defender shall not kill unless it is for the safety and protection of the people from the kingdom.
  2. A defender shall not fight another for material possessions, gamble, nor lead another down the wrong path.
  3. A defender shall not steal from others, nor cause harm to any populated cities or vendors unless it is for the safety and protection of the people from the kingdom.
  4. A defender shan’t betray their kingdom and it’s belief no matter the reasons.
  5. A defender shan’t claim themselves to be a demon nor god.
  6. A defender shall always believe in their kingdom and people.
  7.  A defender shan’t lie to higher rank officials of the ruling organization.
  8. A defender shall always protect their kingdom, despite the possible costs to their own life.
  9. A defender shall pay offerings when requested to by decree of king or queen.
  10. A defender shall always be allowed rest when requested without reason or doubt.
  11. A defender shall always honor those who have left their mark on the world before them.
  12. A defender shall not cause themselves or anyone else harm over the death of an individual.
  13. A defender shan’t lead another defender or citizen astray.
  14. Fire and Brimstone can break your bones, but your will to fight must never falter.
  15. A defender shan’t ally themselves with demons, nor worship such entities.

But do not be fooled my fellow defender. Under rare circumstance is this Oath kept. That is why we as Defenders must do our best, and as union officials we uphold, we take charge and keep those who stray from following these guides from ever being too dangerous. So recall defender, very few follow these Guidelines, and even in days of triumph, we find ourselves having breaches in these as well. So as such, regulations were brought forth to keep these in check.



Following our Oath is the responsibility of all Defenders. So some of us who truly believe these to be law, have taken it further and created a system from which we can clarify misunderstandings, or bring to light those who have indeed been treacherous.


  1. Sentinels, Guards and other Crusaders will always  be involved in tasks regarding objectives, combat and or other situations in which defenders were requested direct involvement. Be it bounty board missions, tasks from the King, or siege campaigns.
  2. Do not question the Crusader involvement in all of those carried out tasks.
  3. Never deny a request from a General, or King without prior consent.
  4. Do not carry another defender’s private objective.
  5. Submit any breaches in the Oath that you believe by an official document among the Crusader offices. It will be looked into and evaluated for Trial with an acceptable degree of haste.

These five simple regulations are placed so that defenders can be monitored despite their tasks and objectives to carry out. With this, they are kept in check, and if matters have escalated past their breaking points, trials or sentences are carried out.


Trials and Sentencing

Defenders, being the strongest and most influential parts of any kingdom. They are still regulated by a system composed of similar warriors, other defenders or former defenders. As such, there are systems in play when a Defender has broken the Oath and it’s regulations. Under the fifth regulation, we state that trial is brought forth to those who are in violation of the Oath.  Through this action, a meeting is called where all available Crusaders who are capable of attending and all defenders who so choose to attend are brought forth to a gathering in which a Trial is held for the accused. Among such, the accused must be defended by another defender who so pleases to come to his aid. This herein, the defenders stand both to suffer the same punishment as the accused, Representative, and accused. A statement is made by his representative to allegate for the actions taken and accused of, and the defender is laid to trial.


Pending negative results by his fellow defenders, and Union representatives. The accused and representative are then laid to sentencing. As which is determined by the king or queen of his kingdom. Keeping in mind that the results laid forth by this Sentence are absolute. The defenders of the kingdom, if given the option, may also carry out this sentence should the case call forth for it.

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