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Becoming a Defender

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By: Ronway Grayson

Visitor License Guide

You’re reading this now as a licensed defender. Your skills are far from set, and your journey has only begun. You will find that you’re provided with all the means and access to Libraries that will aid you in becoming the great and powerful defender you wish to be. But now; I urge you to simply listen for a brief moment to what I have to say. Because becoming a defender isn’t as simple as just filling a paper and coming to terms with it. It requires dedication and work.


Most of the people who come for these licenses, came for them for one of the common causes. Not all reasons for being here are unique, and not all are fruitful. So, let me just take a few guesses as to why you’re here no?


Most people come here under the thought that it’s a Family Honor. A father, a mother, a cousin, a loved one walked the path of a Defender, became a great leader, or just someone with an honor and you came to continue their legacy. Most people who end up doing this usually come under the mistaken idea that it’s a simple job. That, if he or she could do it, I’m an improvement. But let me tell you, not all who come with these thoughts are actually any better. In most cases, a lot of them are worse, or weaker. Sometimes, they are the reason why their families legacy is tainted and lost. You want to honor their memory? Then don’t make the mistakes other do. If you see it’s too tough, back out before it’s too late. Not everyone is fit to be a defender.


In rare cases, people come here seeking a Vendetta. These, oh hoh, these are one of  the worse reasons for someone to become a defender. Many seek to deal with someone who wronged them or wronged a loved one. These are the most lost causes among the defender army.


There’s the occasional one, who comes here for the Sport of Battle. Rare, but it does occur. A defender is often licensed and provided due to their skills, but there is always the occasional one who comes just because he seeks to fight. Looking for trouble, for a quarrel, to meet his match or even just come to his end on his own terms.


There’s also the ones who come here because they have Heroic Intent. These cases happen all the time where we see defenders come about looking to prove to the world that they are heroes. Or sometimes, people who just came about looking to help. These people, they don’t go unnoticed, but don’t believe a hero’s intent can save you from everything.


There’s also the Practical defenders. Or, should I say, the dealers. They came to get their license because it entitled them to more profit. More gain, personal vending stores and more. These defenders, they do help our economy flow, and make great use of their skills. However, in many cases their prowess and great skill is underused. It’s always nice to know that someone practical can prove useful right?


We’ve also got the “Adventurers”. The ones who come in and join the defenders ranks because they were bored and seeking adventures. Seeking to fulfill their own desires and head out there to prove themselves to causes that they know nothing about. This, being one of the most common cases that we see among new defenders.


Then, there’s the one who’s here because it’s a Quirk. Oddballs who came out of nowhere, looking for a job, and just took this as their next task. To some unexpected dismay, these are always the ones who get the farthest in their tasks. They don’t look for trouble unnecessarily, and they somehow focus on what they want. It’s not normal to see someone just doing something because they wish it done. But, doesn’t matter how much you try, there’s always quitters, right?


If you ain’t on this list, I gotta congratulate you, unless of course, you don’t recognize yourself. Few defenders out there that don’t know where they fit in, actually  turn out to prove that they can be great. The ones who’ve come to this employment to do something, but came out the other end as Legends. These defenders have set the expectancy. Not all defenders are great. But the people who gave you their time to license you, we expect you to be legends. We put our security and safety in your arms. So, understand that with this great training you will undertake, and this great job that we’ve provided you, with benefits might I add, does expect you to give it’s faith a just reward.

Prerequisites to Joining as a Defender

Just like any other organization, or job, we do have requirements we need to fulfill among our employment searches. As a defender, you can’t be placed in a job where you can’t perform. So careful evaluations, and trials are performed for every single defender who is to join the ranks. These tests aren’t as dangerous as they seem or sound when they tell you about them. But all of them are performed among a sacred old land that was found sometime ago. But, regardless of the fact that you are here for a defender license. We cannot overlook small details or minor incapacities.


All defenders are requested to fulfill every single one of the following fields:

  1. Knowledge of the Common Dialect of the planets.
  2. Understanding and comprehension of the basic safety of all weapons. When and when not to use, and how not to cause accidents.
  3. Full function of the human body.
  4. Possession of the Special Aura manipulation for endurance in combat.
  5. Possession of the Special Aura manipulation for offense in combat.
  6. Ability to fare in a fight against a native creature of the planet. Jelly Bean at least.
  7. Common comprehension of the cardinal directions.
  8. Knowledge of operation of a Camera.
  9. Knowledge of operation of a Radio.
  10. Knowledge of operation of a Zone map.


These 10 pre-requisites are mandatory for any defender seeking to attain a license. Once the knowledge is proven, and the abilities tested, he is expected to return having grasped the knowledge of how to use his energy, and having proved that he can fare decently in a fight against natives. Fight or Flight tactics are allowed during the test. So, survival, is as good a tactic as beating said native or creature. Keep this in mind when heading out into the lands. Not all fights are going to be won. Anyone who isn’t capable of fulfilling these 10 requirements, isn’t allowed to join the defenders. So, if you’re still looking for a job and can’t grasp the 10 requirements, head over to the Righteous Crusaders, see about their doctrines. Maybe you can get a job as a mountain guide or something. They hire people who are missing eyes all the time.


Now, once you’ve done these trials, and finalized your license arrangement with name tag, and all. You’re set to start your journey. The documents are then delivered across planets. These of which, a defender can deliver himself of course. If he so chooses. Once those documents are all around the planets, tabs and records are kept of what defenders are doing, or requesting. You are given a vaccine against the known diseases that plague the lands and access to the libraries using your license. But, once you’ve got your job class you’re given access to all libraries containing information of your training. To learn how you will wield your weapons of choice, how you will manage your situations, and how you will shape your training into the defender that you have chosen to be.


Exceptions? No. Can’t fill those 10 requirements, seek employment elsewhere.

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