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By: Melendino Edgeheart

Righteous Crusader Director

Like my director before me; I welcome you as well with open arms. Among the brigade, you’ll be trained, aided and provided armors and weapons for whatever need arises. For many of us, this job is that which entails risks and occupational hazards constantly. A lot of us understand that and are always watching out for each other. We also come to understand that not everyone is always willing to take failures into consideration as learning experiences. Not everyone in our kingdom is always willing to pay multiple times for a job. So, this is why these basics are here. We need you to be informed, we need you to be prepared. You all need to know; and that’s what we’re going to provide you with.


What is a Defender’s Responsibility?

As members of our kingdom, and army, it is important that you keep in mind everything that is our responsibility. We, as defenders and warriors carry out many forms of tasks. From simple Civilian protection; to pursuit’s of war and even high value targets who threaten our people. It’s our job to tackle the most difficult of challenges in these planets, our job to hold people’s homes and give them hope. While many others cry and whine about their tasks, we hold strong and show our pride. We are defenders, and it’s our duty to do the impossible.


We all begin somewhere, and I am aware that you are new and need to learn the basics. Many people often provide rewards for the things that we are meant to carry out as a standard act. So, due to this same little fact, many people mistake their job for that of a “hired hand”. But that is not what you are, you are a DEFENDER. Yes; liberties are applied to you as you are underway of selecting a job class, if such is ever selected at all. But, do not mistake your visitor license, as a license to be a mercenary or a license to be a bum. Defenders are sworn by oath to serve the people; to protect them. Thus, many people like to reward them for their work often in times of services, a reward of equal to that of many attributions, instead of just one big job. But to no mind must you keep these mementos as a means to do your job, or as a ratification to perform well. A defender is expected to always perform well, to always be above the others. To always be a hero to the civilians we serve.


Now; keeping that in mind, throughout this world we live in there are hundreds if not thousands of things that could go wrong. So don’t you ever forget, your job doesn’t stop when a war ends. Despite  war being your most arduous task to undertake as defenders. The lands are in constant peril against natives, humans and wildlife itself. More often than not, will you find yourself in a power struggle with natives or creatures over what color the leaves were this morning, and you end up in a fist fight or a brawl. Keep in mind, we are sharing a planet with creatures and natives. Many of there are far from friendly with us, and who’ve come to believe that we are the problem, a fact that worsens over time. Over the years we have faced our wars alongside, and even against the very natives who reside and share these luscious planets with us. So we must never forget that despite their aggressions, and their instant responses, they are rational beings, capable of thinking just like you and I. Not every conflict must be solved with our blades, but we must always take into account who we speak to. We escort our resources because not all bands of natives are friendly. A single action of a single native, doesn’t speak for an entire race either. So, as defenders, it is our duty to solve these small quarrels, or large scale quarrels, that arise with the most caution we can as to prevent loss of life.


Just as we do our jobs, others do jobs that make our tasks millions of times easier. More often than not; our defenders find themselves lost with their tasks and their own pursuits, that they forget to use the resources at their disposal. This, is part of the reason as to why such great Unions have come to exist. Many of these unions provide us with resources to carry out our most arduous of jobs. We have resources in almost every region of these planets, and it is our task as well to choose if we wish to use them to our benefit.


The Misconception About Defenders

A Lot of people speak about our jobs, and about our tasks. But; let’s get some things straight. Our jobs aren’t as easy as many think, and there are boundaries to keep in check.

We are not hired killers. Many people believe that when a problem arises among their own civilian’s it falls upon a defenders hands to immediately resolve it, so people rush to pay us to eliminate their competition, or be rid of the people who hurt them. In some rare cases, someone will walk up to you and ask you to kill someone else because they cut in line. This doesn’t qualify as a defenders job.


Are we Murderers?

No. There are laws among our own kingdom that entitle defenders to strictly keep citizens protected, and even other defenders. We do not kill lawlessly, or without reason. Sometimes, we don’t even kill when we should.


Are Defenders mercenaries for hire?

In many cases, there have been noted incidents of defenders taking jobs from people who provide income for these. By no means do those actions fall upon the fame of a defenders license. You are not a mercenary, if you freelance your services, you will not be chased or pursued, but by no means does that define our ranks.


Are all defenders members of the same kingdom?

Not by a longshot. Though many stand to the opposite of this rule, because they have never made friends in other locations. It isn’t true. Licensing for defenders is handled in the plains. But, by no means does that mean that a defender is a part of the kingdom whom handles their paperwork. Defenders have come from all around, and are believed to come from even places we do not recognize.


Are Defenders in a competition?

Though perceived as such, the systems that are in place by unions and other notorious leaders are not a scoring chart. Defenders are kept track of, their actions noted and written down in reports. By no means are we keeping these information centers for competition, we keep these to know who is fit for what job, and who is not. Though seen as a competition to see who gets ahead, it’s simply a way for the Unions to know whose services they can request and when.


In many cases, a defenders job will bring him to the obligation to take a life. Whether it be human, native, creature, or pet. We cannot overlook the true strains that this job will bring upon our people, nor can we expect them to do their jobs without some sense of loss. It is a hard task to be a defender, and many quit before their hardest challenges. But, it falls upon these very same defenders to know when and why their job is so complex.

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