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The world of Defenders of the Cross is one where your character’s Storyline and how you Roleplay said storyline, are very important. Players receive prompts and rewards for completing storyline objectives and achieving progress in some way, shape, or form along their journey. Progress can be acquisition of knowledge, moving forward with objectives, and even character development. In this article, we will review various announcements that can appear during your gameplay and what they mean.

Announcement Prompt List:


It means you have initiated an interaction, you will typically receive a Whisper letting you know who the interaction entity is, and there are some situations in which this may not be obvious.

Someone’s remembering this. 

You’ve left an impression with a mob entity (Creature, Monster, Native, SNPC or NPC) which they will recall for future decisions and interactions.

I should remember this.

Your character has just been told, or stumbled into, a piece of information that is key to the storyline of the game. This may be relevant to your character, another player, a campaign, an NPC, or various other similar entities. When you see this prompt, take note!

A die has been cast. 

For certain actions in the game, the M.O.B. will simulate a dice roll to determine the nature of effectiveness of an action taken or conclusion of an event. Though the exact details of the dice roll are not revealed to preserve in-character perception 

I should pass this on. 

You’ve just received some information that is crucial for an ongoing event or campaign, it is highly beneficial to pass this along to relevant parties, and likely detrimental if you don’t.

This feels like progress.

You’ve moved personal objectives, campaign objectives or character development forward in some way.


Your interaction has ended.

New Objective Received. 

You’ve accepted or been given a task to complete. If the objective received is part of a Campaign, you will receive a notification via your character’s correspondence when next you log in.

Objective Received 

You have failed to fulfill an objective, either short term or long term. Keep in mind, however, that rarely does failing a single objective prevent an overarching Campaign from moving forward.

You’ve completed a Secondary Objective!

A small task, a minor step, or part of a primary objective or campaign that has been completed. These provide a small chunk of experience proportional to your character’s level.

You’ve completed a Primary Objective!

You’ve completed a major task or one of the key steps of a campaign. Important but not necessarily long-term which can include Secondary Objectives. These provide a sizable chunk of experience proportional to your character’s level.

You’ve completed a Campaign Objective!

You’ve followed through a campaign to completion. Long term and heavily involved objectives which includes several primaries to get done. These provide massive amounts of experience proportional to your character’s level, sometimes even providing one or more levels in one go.

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