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Lesson Plan: M.O.B. Check Function

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In this article we will help you understand how the M.O.B.checks for player activity and how you can use that in order to start interactions.

How does the M.O.B. check on players?

The M.O.B. has the ability to read everything that is said in Say Chat and in Shouts. Anything written in the other chats, such as Clan Chat, Trade Chat or Whispers are not processed by the M.O.B.

What are the best times to interact with the M.O.B.?

Though interactions with the M.O.B. can start at various times in the day, the best times to try and do so are during Prime Time hours. These hours are normally between 5:00pm and 12:00am on Atlantic Standard Time (AST -4). Some circumstances can extend or shorten Prime Time hours, but this is the schedule by default.

Starting Interactions

M.O.B. interactions can be all sorts of things:  You can have a conversation with an NPC, you can try to interact with your environment, you can even try to have meaningful conversations with yourself and other players. The world is always listening, but once an interaction starts, the world can come to life in a wide array of ways.

Interaction Tips

It is important to realize that multiple interactions and events can happen at the same time. Knowing this, understand that sometimes interactions can slow down or take longer than expected. Furthermore, if major events are currently underway, such as a massive battle involving multiple factions, smaller interactions may be delayed. There are things that can give priority to some of your character’s interactions starting, and they have to do with their Campaigns and Correspondence. If your character has received mail that contains information relevant to an NPC or they have been summoned to meet with someone, expect interactions to start more readily when following up on due diligence. If your character is involved in a Campaign, a series of objectives overarching a piece of the storyline, interactions with characters involved in those events also have increased priority. In short, if your character has a reason to be there, interactions will come easier.

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