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Modes of Transportation

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There are various different modes of transportation found among the world of Defenders of the Cross. Some can be used by the player directly, some run on automated schedules and some can be used via the MOB, we will be going over the four major modes of transportation in this article, and go over examples on how to use them and how to unlock them (in cases where it’s relevant).



  • Your character starts with a “Drive Cart” skill which can be found under the “Parts” tab of your skill tree. This is the skill you use to get on a Cart (should you have one assembled) and get off of it once you are riding it.
  • You can obtain the parts needed to assemble a cart via NPC shops, which provide the components for basic carts; crafters, who can provide more advanced parts for better and faster carts; and from schematics found among loot.
  • Once you have the main components of a Cart (Frame, Engine, and Wheels), you can assemble them by going to the PAT tab of your inventory window.
  • In additional to assembling the Cart, it is important to carry fuel in order to keep it running, as Carts will consume fuel as they are used. You can typically purchase fuel from the same Vendors you would get the basic components of a cart, and they go into the “Consume” tab of your inventory as they are consumables which refill portions of your fuel when double clicked.
  • Once you are driving a cart, keep an eye on your stats! You will find that stat bonuses of gems no longer apply when you are on a Cart and you will not be wielding your weapon either. However your movement speed will change to that of the loadout you’ve selected for your cart and your defenses will still count for at least the base stats of your armor.
  • Keep in mind that there are areas where you cannot use a Cart, there are some caves, dungeons, temples or buildings where you cannot use a cart within them.
  • There is another skill among your Basic Skill tab called “Ride Request” where you can offer a targeted character a ride, there are some conditions to this though: You must have a backseat equipped onto your cart (equippable via the PAT Tab), you must have the player targeted and they must be within range (which is fairly close to them, mind you!). This will allow you to carry them on the back of your Cart while they relax and get a drink.


Castle Gears

  • Once you are level 120 or above, you will receive the “Drive Castle Gear” skill after Server Reset of that day. It can be found under the “Parts” tab of your skills as well.
  • Getting the pieces of a Castle Gear is similar to a Cart, with some additional ones. You can purchase schematics and parts required to craft a Castle Gear among union houses. For the most part, the components of a castle gear are crafted, so you will need to seek out someone who can help with this.
  • Once you have the components for a Castle Gear, they are assembled in the PAT tab of your inventory as well, similar to a cart.
  • Castle Gears gears also consume Fuel in the same way as carts, moving and taking actions while in it. Since Castle Gears are typically used for combat versus movement, it is important to keep note that attacks consume fuel much faster than movement, so make sure to have plenty of it handy.
  • Your stats also change in a Castle Gear as well, your attack and defenses get modified by the Gear and your movement speed as well (usually lowered, Gears are not known to be nimble).
  • Similar to carts, Castle Gears cannot be used in some areas.



  • There are boats which travel the waters of a planet, mainly Junon. They follow a set hourly schedule which, as currently stands, is the following:

:00 Sinocx Town > Dolphin Island
:10 Dolphin Island > Capital City
:20 Capital City > Kenji Town
:30 Kenji Town > Dolphin Island
:40 Dolphin Island > Capital City
:50 Capital City > Sinocx Town

  • The automated transport of boats does not require the use of the MOB, simply stand on the boats at the time of transport, and shortly thereafter it should automatically move those standing on the boat.
  • If an Organization has built a Boat for themselves, they can also use them via the MOB to transport them somewhere specific or whatever else their boat may be capable of, which varies by design.


Flying Vessels

  • There is also an Automated Vessel schedule, which is the following:

:00 Junon Planet (Capital City) > Lunar Planet (Lunar Docks)
:10 Lunar Planet (Lunar Docks) > Eldeon Planet (The Refuge)
:20 Eldeon Planet (The Refuge) > Lunar Planet (Lunar Docks)
:30 Lunar Planet (Lunar Docks) > Junon  Planet (Capital City)
:40 Junon Planet (Capital City) > Eldeon Planet (The Refuge)
:50 Eldeon Planet (The Refuge) > Junon Planet (Capital City)

  • If an Organization does not have access to a friendly port at any of these locations, they will not be transported. However the timer does not get “skipped” so as to keep the schedule consistent.
  • Using the automated transport is the same as the boats, stand on them at the allotted time and wait to be transported.
  • There will come scenarios where players will be put into a Vessel Instance, this is a map where they are on the vessel while it is transporting them. This is usually due to an event that will, or is, happening to the players while on the vessel.
  • If an Organization has built a Vessel for itself, it can also use it via the MOB, it can move them outside of the fixed schedule and to a greater variety of locations, and should the Vessel be equipped with weapons, it can even aid during battles.
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