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By: Galahad Galvan

Union Armorer and Captain

What you carry as a Defender is just as Important as what you’ve come to learn and know. Don’t ever set out on a job until you’ve repaired, resupplied and replenished all of your energy. Some good placed advice; “Don’t ever throw all of your zulie into one place.” Learn to invest part of your earnings and not all, so that there are still some funds to use for what comes to be required for your daily life. As a defender, you’re given a set of identifications. One: Your Defender Identification, and Two: Your Union Identification. These identifications determine the value of your efforts and your earnings as you carry on your job. They can be used to attain gear and armaments across the lands, but don’t be fooled. Bad merchandise can leave you stranded and disarmed, while good can give you a whole new set of advantages.


In rare scenarios mission handlers may know a list of things you may need to carry out the objective. Whether it be armaments, people or specifics. Sometimes you may need a sword, sometimes an axe, or sometimes even a piece of meat. It’ll always help to ask about these things so that you may better prepare and attain what you may need to carry out a task.  Your gear and equipment should always suit the objective you are pursuing as being over encumbered can lead to dangerous if not deadly scenarios at times. So always recall to keep an eye open for what you require as many vendors and even other defenders all have access to the stores as well. Even the personal shops set up by other defenders.


As for attainment of more specific and more valuable gear, you can always visit one of the main Unions in service to the Kingdom. The Guild, The Faction, and the Order as well as our very own, the Crusaders stand to offer some valuable goods for those defenders who seek to attain valuable items such as these.


Do not go as far as to overlook the Union aspect of things, for we go to the lengths to even provide methods of transportation in the means of accessible Steam Engine Carts. These of which can be easily obtained via a Defender Identification. Let’s take a simple overview of some of the goods that you can attain with a Defender or Union identification.


Zulie Gear


Among the Kingdom there are a large variety of weapon merchants who also accept defender identifications for their trades. These of which can offer you some gear that you’d better not be caught without.


Low End Gear: With ease, you can find yourself a good Long Sword amidst the town of the Canyon City. Long Swords are sturdy and reliable, and are always good to pair with an Aspis shield. These kinds of armaments will do you a good defense and offensive combination. These though will not match the capacity of a good Nameless sword, which can deal great offensive strikes at enemies who do not expect it. Both of these weapons pair great with a capable soldier, and are cheap at cost to attain.


High End Gear: As opposed to the previously mentioned far stronger and more durable blades, such as the Heroic Sword, or one of our personal favorites, the Righteous blade and Tower Shield pose a much more dependable and just as powerful use in the hands of skilled soldiers. But they fare on the expensive side making them a harder object to attain.



Low End Gear: A good and reliable Orc Bow can be obtained quickly at the Canyon City, and a simple bow gun can be attained in the Capital City. Both of these are often used by many defenders as a preferred means to learning, but come harder challenges and longer distances, they aren’t always as dependable.


High End Gear: A much more efficient Lynx Bow, or Wild Hawker bow Gun can be attained at vendors with just as much ease, but with a higher expenditure to cover for the necessity of more range, and a stronger shot.



Low End Gear:  Bean bullets, Arrows Fire arrows and Bullets can be located with ease in the Canyon and Capital Cities. These offer a simple and efficient way to use your weapons for a quick and easy cost.


High End Gear: Fire Bullets, Elven Arrows,  Poison Bullets, or Nymph Arrows being of much harder means to make offer a more symmetrical ammunition for your weapons, providing you with more accuracy and firepower for at least double the cost.



Low End Gear: Potions and foods are hard equipment to locate in many markets. But these have a large variety of costs all around. They are seemingly impossible to find unless bartered with other defenders. Luckily these are made in sizes that will fit your need or budget.


High End Gear: Unions however have a variety of these same potions that they sell for the use of their Union identifications. These have a higher cost of effort and determination and service to the Union to provide a good means to attaining them.


Union Gear



The Guild unions offer a good amount of items that are crafted to a certain degree by Guildsmen. These are referred to as “precious” gear. These items offer good lightweight gear for those who find it fitting for them.



The Faction, a much more rigorous union dabbles a lot in the use of energy. So, they offer a “Luminous” gear for their union members. This of which offers enhancements to a defenders aura by its components.



The Orders specialize in gear for precision and civil operations. So these armors have a more sleek and joint controlled craft to them. These are referred to as “Glorious” gear.



We, the Brigades and the Righteous Crusaders, offer you the best defensive armor that your Union efforts can get. The “Chivalrous” gear. Gear designed to be sturdy and to cover as many defensive flaws as possible as to allow defenders to make the most out of their battle.


These are but a minor list of what you can attain amidst the markets vendors and even other defenders. To know more, simply head to vendors or other individuals and see what floats about in the markets. Do not use all your money in one place, and keep a fair amount of it for use of profit if possible.


If you wish to see much more of the gear; please see our Armory section.

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