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Organizational Components

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By: Burtland Wright

Organization Handler

A kingdom, or as referred to “Organization”, isn’t only composed of it’s main branch, but of many that make up it’s great potent standing as what it is. To this, many of us defenders have pledged Loyalty and Oath to. But this does not mean that we are without word or choice as to what we can do to be part of these organizational components of our Kingdom.


Many diverse organizations tie to the founding of a Kingdom. Our Unions, being one of the prime examples of these great corporations. As such effort is necessary the kingdoms, and defender code allow for these defenders to partake in the creation and foundation of these minor organizations in hopes that they will rise and become major influences of these corporations.

A defender is allowed the creation of an organization pending the proper review and paperwork that they are requested. These minor organizations are asked to carry tags and information that will represent them everywhere they go. Along with these, a badge is provided to them so that they may have an emblem that signifies whom they are.


All organizations that found to become greats can come in diverse packagings. From a simple merchant group with small arms, to a much larger scheme of production, like the Guilds. As such, we’ve brought forth a list of what these minor organizational groups contribute to our



The Four Major Groups, are given these titles as they are the entrepreneurial ones. For without them a kingdom cannot thrive.

These, are the following.


A Brigade

A large organization composed of many that exist to serve and protect the lands from dangers that may come to them. These are armed warriors willing to do what is required to keep the peace and protect those less fortunate.


A Guild

An entrepreneurial force, dedicated to the provision and well being and stability of the kingdom’s economy. Their main purpose is to protect and safeguard the processes involving resources, technology and their means of funding.


A Faction

A research and development organization, dedicated to the prosperity of our medicine, and it’s advancement. Practitioners of energy come from all around to also partake in its use to heal, and restore those who require it.


An Order

A civilian organization, composed of many individuals who ensure that matter carried throughout the Kingdom follow protocol, and maintain their order as to not allow corruption or collapse of the kingdom itself.


Aside of these, there are minor groups which do not offer a immediate necessity but still pose great aspect and importance to the Kingdoms.


Pub Chains

A stream of servers who provide cooking, meals, and specialty stores that emphasize in the stress relief of the cities, and defenders alike.



A group of travelers often overlooked, who provide many fancy wares and designs for those who seek these. A sense of prosperity is provided by their services, thus they are seen as important to many kingdoms.



Much like wars and times of need, defenders are required for many things. One of these, being the defense of valuable transports that organizations require, and even the stockpiling of said resources and protection of them as well. These unions, though commonly referred to as storage keepers, are a vital minor foundation for any nation.



Among a kingdom’s walls many defenders gather and prepare for many different battle scenarios. But amidst the wildlife a union of gathered professionals exists. This union focuses solely on the protection of the Kingdom’s from local wildlife or savage creature rampages.



A large group of people, dedicated to the purpose that is foraging and collection of materials and crystalline deposits. These groups though not as often seen among kingdoms, carry out vast expeditions.

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