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  1. Spam

Spamming can be classes as posting things such as “lol” continuously or other one worded sentences. Chats that are not helpful or contribute to the game in any way will be removed and the member will be warned they continue to spam.


  1. Hacks, Exploits, Bug Abusing and Bots

All of the above are absolutly forbidden to be used or done in Defenders of the Cross. Posting hacks in the Defenders of the Cross Facebook, chats and game will get you banned. Exploits or how-to on how to abuse bugs or glitches on the facebook, game and chat will get you banned. It should be fairly common sense: don’t do it!


  1. Private Server

Try to refrain from talking about private servers or other servers. If you accidently make a post or topic in the D.O.T.C. Facebook you will be reported and removed.


  1. Bad Language

All of the above are absolutly forbidden to be spoken, posted and written on Defenders of the Cross. We have filters in place to filter out certain words or phrases, including the names, or short-names, of other servers. If you try to get around this filter, you will be warned. Any kind of bad words, in any language acronyms, implied or not will get you muted by the Game Moderators, if you abuse of their kindness you will be ban.


  1. Flaming and Trolling

Members should refrain from directly flaming and trolling another member on Defenders of the Cross. If you believe a comment has been made towards you that you find offensive, please report it to a member of the Game Moderators immediatly.


  1. Respect

We ask all players to show respect to all of the D.O.T.C. Staff and players. They put their own time into DOTC and are dedicated to making Defenders of the Cross the best it can be.


  1. Don’t request cracks, serials, files, reposts, fills, …

We don’t support nor condone such, so don’t ask.


  1. State your problem as accurate as possible

Trying to decypher the actual problem in the game / storyline is often hard, simply because they are inaccurate in their problem. Try to be as accurate as possible and give as much information to aid the D.O.T.C. Staff.


  1. Personal Information

Personal information such as email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, password, etc. should be kept private and not be made public on our game. We respect the personal information of others and by law we expect you to do so too.


  1. Scams

Some people who disobey the rules attempt to scam the password of players and game moderators. These people will do anything to pretend to be part of the D.O.T.C. Staff, we will never ask for your personal information or password. The people who ask you for it, are most likely con artists and we suggest your report it to a Game Moderator or the D.O.T.C. Staff. These people will be ban, sadly if you gave your information to them and lost items we are not responsible for them.


  1. Advertising

Advertising in any shape or form is strictly forbidden if you have not received permission from the D.O.T.C. Staff.


  1. Item Mall

The Item Mall has it’s own set of rules.


  1. Storyline

The Storyline of Defenders of the Cross is controlled by the actions a player takes in-game.


  1. Main Operating BOT

The M.O.B. System is an A.I. that works based on commands. Any player or user that is seen dis balancing the equilibrium of the M.O.B. will be removed from the server (Kicked and Ban).

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