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The Economy.

Greetings, Defender!

In this guide, we will speak to you and inform you of what it means to hand in, produce, and earn rewards for the Economical World of Defenders of the Cross. But, to your surprise, we won’t exactly be sitting around here speaking about coins, or zulie. We’re going to speak about the resources and Materials of the World, and their role in the economy of the world of Defenders of the Cross.

Resource Drives

For starters, if you’re not familiar with the term of “Resource Drives”. It’s time we familiarize you then. A resource drive, is a location in which a Resident or Local NPC will be requesting specific materials from the Defenders of the world. You can find these materials using several means, one of them being collecting them from Creatures or Natives, by picking up the drops. (Keep in mind item drops do fluctuate). These of which can be interacted with by using the “/prize #” command. To use this, all you must do is iterate the text “/prize” followed by the number of the item in the list that is being offered. Now, do not think to yourself that this is a worthless endeavor, because it isn’t in the slightest. Resource Drives can an abundance of good rewards if provided materials to, and they are the only means of being able to refine and upgrade weapons for your character. But, this isn’t the only means for resource drives to be of use. You can also locate rare armors in specific drives, or even find yourself with potions, giving you abilities that you’d otherwise need to be a different job class to have access to. Resource Drives are an abundant and important part of the economy that strive to prove their highest of use.

    These resource drives play a key component to the MOB, and the Towns of the world of Defenders of the Cross. Resource Drives run on scheduled dates. So, a player should always strive to provide resources to towns, because you never know when they might be of need. The M.O.B. system keeps count of all the resources that have been handed or used by a City. This, providing a keen importance to this. These resource drives are provided by an Order union.

    In order to establish the drives the Order Union must provide Stockpile Expansions for an already existing location with a Stockpile. Stockpiles are the locations where these materials are collected. When an Order Union establishes a stockpile expansion, a certain amount of materials will be requested to construct the expansion, along with a small list containing the amount of items that are to be requested. The amount of resources a Stockpile can collect, is that of 25 different materials. Which are then all collected in the order of which the Stockpile was created. Remember defender, it is keen and important to deliver items to a stockpile the moment it is making collections. For the adjustment of the schedule is something that will not change, unless a stockpile is razed or demolished and then rebuilt. Which, in it’s own is a waste of resources and clan points.  

    You may also note, that there are two resource drives in the Adventurer’s Plains that contain what are referred to as “Prime Drive’s”. These Resource Drives gather the materials required for the production of a Stockpile. However, these particular resource drives cannot be used for anything other than construction of a Stockpile. It should also be mentioned as well; that using these resources for construction of stockpiles, doesn’t cost Clan Points.


Economic Movements

    Knowing now that resource drives are limited to 25 materials in each town. That gives the notion that a town must carry resources for it’s repairs, and also, that a town must at times require resources from other towns. As such, this means there are methods to transfer resources from one town to another, also known as Caravans. Caravans are sent out by a Logistics union.  A Caravan can be supplies to any Clan, all it requires however, is a cost of the clans currency. Also referred to as Clan Points. The Clan who then requested the resource transfer, gains a mission to protect it as it reaches its destination to provide the materials for whatever construction, repair, research, or blockade is requested. All of which, will require a receiving end team to create or use what the materials are intended for.

    As players, it is important that these caravans are protected, not only because they are an investment made by your clan, but also because the resources housed in those wagons are those that are provided by you the Defenders. Caravans that are destroyed throughout their journey are a loss of resources that are completely destroyed. But, should a set of caravans make it to their destination incomplete. Only the resources that were destroyed are the ones that are taken down. For example, if you sent out a caravan, and each Carrier is containing different materials. Only the materials that were carried with one Carrier will be destroyed. The others, though being an incomplete set, will just return the resources when they arrive at the destination. However, if the location that they were delivering to, just happens to carry the same material that they were delivering. The resources will prevail among that location. Meaning, having multiple locations to stash resources can be a good call. Carrier Vessels bear a rather large significance in this process. In the case a Carrier Vessel is available, by water or by air, the carrier vessel can stash up to 25 different Carriers for delivery to one location, in a conveniently armored flying or swimming fortress. A good means to deliver scattered resources to one location.

    That about wraps it up for the concept of Caravans. Onto something a bit more complex. Like how to seize the means of production.

Union Production

    Being the primary unions that work with the kingdoms resources and materials. The Major Unions can establish certain production stations across the planets. These of which required specified personnel to establish their means of production. Each location can house labor squads. Which can reach a total of 15 per production station. Production squads however, are not as simple to come by as one assumes. Certain unions can provide squads for specific means. With Unison, the 4 major unions can definitely provide squads for the diverse tasks that a kingdom requires to operate. However, if the unions wish to operate separately. They will find it more difficult to attain labor squads for means that other unions could produce with ease.

    In order to produce labor squads, a Union that seeks to produce squads within their normal procedures simply need to start allocating resources for the venture. Treaties are then created for artisans to provide the tools that the Union leaders would use to provide the labor squads with their requests. But, if the union strays from it’s base production, it must seek out NPC laborers throughout the planet, searching for those that fit the specific bill of their searched for production. Once the Union Leader has attained these labor squads, he will be producing resources. Establishing new defense points in locations that require defender or NPC protection. But, he will be receiving resources on a daily intake, which can sum up the grand total of 48 different materials being produced by one union. This, however, means that the Union Leader has to think carefully as to what he is producing.

    When producing items, the Union Leader will be receiving an amount equal to the summed up work of labor squads. Which can vary depending on the day. Resources collected by these labor squads are then deposited to the Union Leader’s Mileage storage. A special tab used for these purposes. But, he must be careful, because production of these means won’t always be as great as it sounds. Sometimes, it could be a measly 1 material, but sometimes it can be a skyrocket of 10, 50, or even 150. Keeping this in mind, this also means that the Union Leader must be checking his storage daily, as to empty the crates and request more labor for the cost that he has set out.

That about sums up how to seize means of production. But each union in a kingdom has a specification. And Order, specializes in production of construction supplies and rations. A  Faction, in production of medical supplies. A Guild, in production of fueling materials. Lastly, a Brigade specializing in production of munitions and infantry. All of which are a vital means for any kingdom seeking to maintain itself.

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