We are moving again to allow for more players.

During the past month we were experiencing issues with lag during
peak times. As such and to allow for more players to join, We are
scheduling a new upgrade in server capacity and speed. Since it is
a delicate operation, we wanted to let you know that we might
experience some downtime during the morning hours of Saturday and
Sunday of this week.

If during this time period you experience difficulty starting the
game, please wait around 5 minutes and try again.

If we experience a longer outage, an update would be posted on the
launcher and FB.

Also, we expect some lag during data transfers, for this reason
the MOB system will be dialed down to it’s lowest agro setting.

By Monday, once the move is complete we will be making a lag test.

For this we will set the MOB loose at almost its full settings for
agro,exp and rewards. If you want to experience the full intensity
of what the MOB can dish out, want to study it’s tactics or simply
want to harvest goodies, then this will the perfect day for both.

So get ready, it will be intense.