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Recovered Texts: Demon War

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D War

Kairos Demon army began an assault on Xita Refuge, holding them off the Raknu Warriors and Xitans fought valiantly for days. Sadly the Demon Army passed through and began to attack the cities of the Akram Kingdom in Junon Planet. Facing off Shairos and Kairos army began a deadly war.

Guilds & Factions Discuss Future Economy

The Celestial Guard, was the first to emerge, and gave us the first statement.  “We believe in the coalition’s efforts to help the defenders and the residents in the improvement of the economy of all the planets.   The newer products and alliances we will provide them, will help them all become more experienced.  We are pulling all the stops to provide everything the defenders need and give the residents their share.  We are also committed to the coalition’s efforts to make Junon Polis the capital that it is meant to be.”

The Celestial Guard is referring to one of the most talked about points the coalition wants to stress.  They want to bring back to life and glory the city of Junon Polis like it was before the wars.  Their plans include moving or opening new locations and re-opening some that have been closed since the first dragon war. If this were to happen, many defenders will move their clan operations to Junon Polis too.

“Our new changes and improvements might annoy some defenders.  We are no longer a land of scared residents who need all the help from warriors and so we give them all.  This is now a land of growth, a land of progress and a land of change.  We need to change too, to keep up, If we do not, we will be overrun.  To be honest, we will bring back the balance to the planets.  What worries me the most if what we will have to do to help our defenders against the more and more powerful enemies that they are encountering.”  Stated the representative of the Righteous Crusaders.

The Righteous Crusaders has stated in its historical records that more and more formidable enemies have arisen as more and more fighting occurs on the planets.  They want to help the warriors in the defense of the planets and indicate they will provide more to them.  Is this by means of weapons or training, that is not clear, but they do state that they will help.  

“We are reaching a point at which our enemies will no longer like to lose and will find ways to defeat warriors, we are taking steps to not allow this to happen and keep the leading edge.”  Were the last words of RC representative as they left and we turned our attention to the Ferrell Representative.

It surprised us a bit to find Ferrell not only present but willing to meet with us.  “The Ferrell Guild is taking steps to help residents and defenders, I have hired a Defender Consultant to help us improve our guild and to be of more benefit to our network of dealers.  We recently recruited Ex-Akram Rangers and Assailants to provide security and be of assistance to the Dealers who not only do business but fight as well.  And all these changes are for the good of the people and the defenders.” Ferrell stated with much satisfaction.

As to when all these changes would occur, he only stated that the confirmation of the senate the Ikaness Guild and the Arumics was necessary before this can actually take place.  “But I am confident, it will.” were his last impressions.

Judging from their resolve in meeting and sticking together we can only conclude that they mean business.


As the meeting took place, Minascos, son of Lunar and Luxem was taken captive by the demon legion, Black Knight. Kairos ordered his capture to attempt and destroy the human willpower. Xita, Raknu, and Eucar mounted up and rescued him, only to find out horrible news.


Zant, A city known for its heavy population has been empty in the last few days. Not many people, no authority figures, and most noticeable no senators. It seems that right in that city the so called figure of authority that day was Exidis. It seems he had made a decision to pay a high rank assassin to deliberately kill the Woopie King.  When the action took place it seems that no one knew he had planned it. His assassin attacked the king and then scoured off into the unknown. Nobody has found him since the attack. Kennu, one of the locals, had said that she had seen someone passing behind her house that day, a strange figure which looked a lot like Stranger. She is still unsure of what she saw. It also seems that the newly forged “alliance” came directly to the scene after it occurred. The leader of the Lunar Coalition, Will the Penguin, took matters as he decided to immediately request the city of Junon Polis. Will ended up with the city in his hands. It seems if he had not taken it he would have used brute force for it. The case of the assassin is being sent into investigation and the few men available will be tasked into it.

Economy Problems

You no longer see shops, taverns and workshops empty and in despair.  Defenders are everywhere, buying and selling wares,  Also the residents who took to employing defenders to do their courier runs, have enjoyed the freedom these tasks would not give them to improve their businesses.

And now, not only do these shops improve, but as I walked thru shop row in JunonPolis I started seeing more and more shops by defenders themselves spring up selling their equipment and winning from combat.

When I asked Francheska she had to say. “I was in Everloon Desert, I fought and fought and fought, then I could not run anymore ’cause of all I was carrying, when I looked I saw I had so many things that I had to stop fighting and return home. Now I am here selling what I do not need at all.  Somebody definitely will be able to use what I don’t need.”

It is clear that the decisions made by the guilds, whether with the approval of the senate or not, have helped everyone improve their way of life.

Let’s hear what one of the people on the scene has to say about this.  

 Righteous Crusader Norg said: “This incident will need to be controlled in some sort of way! People can’t just keep driving recklessly. We should establish some sort of system.”

  Junon Order Knight Sammodell said: “I agree with him. We should indeed establish something to balance this out. Otherwise we will just keep having accidents like this.”

 Arumic Mercenary Turenth also pointed out: “These accidents will just keep happening unless we get rid of these vehicles.”

Indeed a system like this would be useful in order to control these kinds of accidents. In other locations people establish certain qualifications in order to be able to drive.

 Garlen a traveler from Xita said: “That is why we keep these contraptions outside of our cities. They would never be allowed there.”

 The Ferrell bank guard seems to have accepted with these words: “I agree with establishing a system but it will be bad for our economy. Its already going down since Fabrizio quit. But I will speak with the head woman herself to establish something.”

Demon War Ends

The defense line was formed in the entrance to the Desert of the Dead. Akram and Letron lead the defense against the Demon Armies. Hidden away Shairos’ Army stood behind the Desert Town and coming straight from the Anima Lake was Kairos’ Army. Stranger lead the first attack wave against the Defender Army. Fallen Six, Celestial Guards and Cross Defender stood high and mighty against the hordes of minions that attacked. Maintaining the high ground with Hawkers, Dealers and Soldiers they controlled the entire fighting field. Motivation sparked in the ranks of the Defenders as they screamed “So Say We All!”.

Victory seemed assure until Kairos appeared aided by eight powerful looking demons, calling themselves the Wandering Demons. Topaz, Opal, Emerald, Peridot, Ruby, Garnet, Sapphire, and Diamond claimed that the lives of the Fallen Six belong to them and began an assault. Stranger and Kairos soon were spotted and broke through the defense line and their battle against Shairos and his General Talisman began.

The Armies clashed in the Desert Town, breaking through all sorts of defensive lines and people. Defenders and Fallen Six kept fighting hard against the demons but fell short by the two Demon Lord’s power. Battle carried onwards until a turn of event occurred.

Twisting the tide, Stranger betrayed his Master Kairos, and assisted Shairos. Many expected such a deception but shortly after Kairos was taken down, Stranger turned on Shairos and began to help the Defenders fight against him.

Consuming their power Stranger became a very powerful Demon and took control of both armies. Retreating with the Wandering Demons he left the human race in a victory over the Demon Armies.

Chaos, WhiteKnight, Shadow, ShadowKnight, iane, S ylar, Raisco and Letron still see the Demon Lord wandering around causing trouble for the human race. The war has ended and a new threat has risen, the Speed Demon, Stranger.

The Scientist

Renegade was discovered conducting inhumane experiments to fellow defenders. His experiments consisted on research for curing the Consumable Plague. He took SeathCross, Sirius and Solice against their will and introduced them to the disease. After this he introduced them to his own potion, which was suppose to cure them, instead it caused them unspeakable pain. Solice claims that SIRIUS was the one who was most advanced. “He screams where heard for miles. He suffered the most of all of us. One night we were visited by some men with Red Cloaks who began to look at our symptoms and study our blood. Then they took SIRIUS to another location leaving us with only his Ashura Mask.” Solice said. SeathCross stayed silent, Solice says that Renegade caused him a lot of emotional pain. SIRIUS is still missing; people all over are looking for him. Be on high alert for these People, and be sure to use the buddy system.

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