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The following were written a while ago, and found in the lands around the Refuge. They were salvaged and added to the Library.

Please handle with care,

A while back I read one of Arti’s books that spoke about the Types of Artisans. Now that I am one of the strongest warriors in all the lands, I thought “Heck! I can do that too.” The Principality of Junon has just been set up, Sikuku and Letron are leading things so I can take a break to write a bit on the Types of Raiders & Scouts. I’m Raisco, yes that one you’ve heard about, and as Master of the Raider and Scout classes I will write to you today about the diverse types of both Raiders & Scouts. 

A little background to how I became the Master. One day Asch, Intercep and I were spending time in the El Verloon Outpost, looking at the monument, when Kiel made an approach. He asked me to help him out in forming a new army. I didn’t see it as something I’d want to do, since just a few weeks before the previous army was wiped out, but Intercep convinced me to assist. The deal was to do it together with Intercep and form Job Classes that can expand the teachings of Hawker. I liked Hawker, he helped me out and still does, Kiel, in my honest opinion, is a bit of a self righteous…well, anyways, now that I am stronger than Joshuan and even Akram, I decided to expand some more for your understanding. 

  1. Scout – Just what it’s all about.

Yes, I make fun of scouts a bit. A scout comes at me with those “palitos”, I will cut them down as they fly through the air. But deep inside, I am also a scout. 

Scouts are typically using two separate weapons. The first is the use of the Bow. A Bow Scout focuses on keeping their distance in combat. Their main purpose is usually to really observe the battlefield and assist the leaders to make decisions on the battlefield. 

The second weapon they typically use is the Crossbow. Crossbow Scouts usually have the purpose of aiding the frontline. They pick up targets that can cause problems and try to damage them as much as possible. Most Crossbow Scouts use Shields, but I’ve seen a few with good offhand items to help raise their perspective performance.

All scouts are pretty quick, and try to use their attack speed to keep enemies under control. All scouts, all of them, are typically great for understanding the pace of the war occuring. Not being smack in the middle, they are barely affected by that fog of war. Those with good movement can slip around to check on the status of the enemy or be messengers in the middle of battle. A Scout is the one who observes and reports the status of the battlefield. Knowledge is very important, so be exact with your information passing. The more detailed, the better. Don’t make assumptions if you can’t back them up.

  1. Raiscout – The one true scout.

I love the Raider and I like the Scout. I spend a lot of time working on forming these Disciplines. Together Intercep and I made a really good Second Job Class for Defenders to be prepared for things in the lands. One of my favorite types of Scout is the Raiscout. 

Raiscouts begin of course with a Bow and Arrow. It is important to have the gear to match a Raiscout. You need to keep in mind that you must be accurate. Your shots must be precise, because a Raiscout needs to take out high risk targets at time or support the ones fighting it head on. So don’t miss it.

Arrows, they are oh so important. There’s a variety of arrows you can use. The better the quality the better for you. Arrows at times can be used for different purposes, some arrows are very effective against demons while others have a sort of utility. But my recommendation for a Raiscout is Lightning Arrows. 

A Raiscout’s best friend is Peridots, and some Attack Speed oriented gear. They are light and allow you to rapidly fire enemies at a distance. One arrow’s damage is not better than 5 arrow’s damage. So get yourself focused on gear that can help you attack powerfully and consistently.

A Raiscout should also have some good damage, more specifically to hit critical spots on your opponents. Scouts when on the battlefield have to help clear the way for other warriors. Not me, I can clear whole armies myself, but the other less strong Defenders will need that fire support. 

In the Raiscout arsenal are some very important skills, poisoned arrows, concussion type of shots and clamping arrows to decrease an enemies movement. These skills are very important for every Raiscout. 

My favorite thing about a Raiscout is the beautiful Camouflage. A Raiscout is not just a regular Scout but also has to carry out certain tasks of sneaking around and stealth missions. Moments will come when you need to get into the darkness of the lands, to find just what must be done for the proper outcome of a battle. Information gathering is the first part of any Raiscout’s mission. So be ready to break in, steal, assassinate and conceal your identity because you are the spy of the army.

  1. Beastmaster – Those that like using beasts.

This will be short, just don’t. A Raider who uses their Beast, is… If you want to use your beast so much, just be a Scout. Scouts focus on using the Hawks and the Beasts.

Don’t get me wrong, my beasts are amazing. I don’t have that problem. My doggo can track anything, and is great for following my enemies to their hideouts. I also have my kitten, he is a great distraction for when I need to flee a battle. Protect me as I get the heck outta there. All honestly, for me, don’t be a Raider who uses beasts. You won’t be as great as me.

  1. Ganetto Raider – Dual Wielder superstars.

A Ganetto Raider is one who really wants to use his Dual Wielding weapons to their fullest. The first thing you must learn for being a Ganetto Raider, or any Raider, is to get back up. You must be aware that most of the time you will be all alone and eat dirt. You need to be a survivor, because no one is going to save you but yourself. 

Learn to Dodge, woopie. You must be aware that your best attribute as a Raider is to Dodge the enemy. The more they miss, the better your chances are. Don’t go thinking that just because you are dexterous with your hands it is enough. You need to dodge all their attacks. 

There are a few nifty things I have advanced from Hawker’s teachings. This is the use of skills that can disorient and vastly affect the performance of your opponents. Asch called these “Debuffs”, so let’s just call that… Debuffs are skills you want to really work on as a Dual Wielding superstar. All of this is very strict when it comes to becoming a Ganetto Raider.

You are on your own, so stand on your own. Expect to be surrounded by your opponents, they won’t fight fair. So you must be ready to fight multiple of them at once. There are a few skills I’ve perfected over the years to assist you in kicking away those multiple attackers. 

Yes, this is an army. We’ll have to fight with others, some a bit more idiotic that us. My advice for that is the same as any Raider, keep the enemy approaching separate and take them out. Lure them out and fight them on your own, then rejoin the team. What helps with this is your movement speed. I don’t care what others say that Movement Speed is useless, but for luring and separating enemy groups it is essential.

If you can Dodge very well, use your debuffs properly and be ready to keep multiple enemies under control, you’ll be Ganetto in no time.

  1. Oparu Raider – What most Raiders like being.

Simply put, a Raider. All types really originate from the Oparu Raider. This is the balance of the Second Job Class. Raiders specialize in delivering deadly attacks. Raiders possess fast movement, hiding abilities and fatal blow skills, making them ideal for hit and run tactics in the battlefield.

In order to move as quickly as possible, Raiders don’t usually carry many things or wear heavy armors.  They wear light armor, or leather laces around the body, as well as energy resistant manteau. In melee fights, Raiders can wear armor made of thin metal plates or scales. We are sharp dressers, so look great in style and maybe a few feathers thrown in there.

Due to our weakness in defense, we usually avoid direct confrontations with enemies. We hide until the enemy is near enough for a sudden surprise attack, ambush. An Oparu works on having a good dodge rate, allowing us to do several things on our own. In a party, Raider may not be actively in the front line of battle due to our lack of defensive strength, but we contribute to the fight by delivering fatal attacks when the time is right.

Raiders possess skills that can inflict fatal blows and allow hiding tactics, we also have several poisoning abilities, burn attributes and a great increase of our movement speed.

Speed is great, all types but also one must have the Strength to do the tasks required. Raiders come in two varieties, Katar Raiders or Dual Wield Raiders. Each has their own particular focus. Katar Raiders like to focus on the use of critical and stealth, while Dual Wielders are more versatile with dodge, hit and run tactics. 

  1. Bladesman – Small bladed Raiders. 

At times, someone takes my ideas and makes them into an abomination. It is just not natural, but on rare occasions you see something that you kinda like. That’s the Bladesman for me.

We use knives, Katars or Dual Wields to fight our enemies but some creepy nobleman decided that it should be different. Now at first, I hated it. Who uses small blades to fight, but after sparring with each other it really became something interesting.

Like a Ganetto, it focuses on having your Dodge at peak performance. But that is not all, it must and always focus on the attack speed and movement speed. All the small blades and knives are used for fighting like a Bladesman. 

As I repeat, expect to be alone always. That’s why they focus on that attack speed. The faster they attack, the faster they defeat their enemies. Once they are defeated, they quickly go to the next. Slash down one, to cut down another quickly. Move fast between them to make sure you are done. Doing all this, I saw what seemed to be a blur strike multiple foes so fast. I guess it is because the blades aren’t as heavy as regular Dual Wielders. 

The Bladesman is a Raider through and through, and even though we had a rocky start it has earned my acceptance. So I began practicing it as well, and prepared for a future use of these smaller blades.

  1. Dual Swordsman – Dual Wielders who aren’t afraid to slip into the darkness.

I am called the Dark Assassin. That’s because I am not afraid to do what I must. One thing some Raiders, well most, love to do is conceal themselves. As a Dual Wielding Raider, this is a bit harder. It will require some sacrifice. 

It is very simple, Stealth. The use of such a skill from the Hawker is what you need to be a Stealth Dual Wielder, well the basic need you must have.Stealth, and get yourself some Stealth Potions. Those are marvels to assist with your movements. You use Dual Swords, that doesn’t mean you can’t hide yourself. Learn to use stealth properly, and you’ll have the basics of a real Stealth Dual Wielder. 

There are many Dual Wields, and you don’t want to use them. Stick to Dual Wields that are Swords. You must become a Dual Swordsman. There are small Dual Wield blades, don’t. There are Dual Wield Axes, don’t. Dual Wield Blunts, nah ah, no. You stick to what is for you, Dual Swords. Axes are harder to control in stealth, small blades won’t allow for strong damage on your enemies, and Dual Blunts just what?! A real Stealth Dual Swordsman will stick to what he needs to use. 

Lastly for the Dual Swordsman Raider, learn to blend in. The environment is your friend. Hide, sneak around and learn to use your surroundings. At times prepare to always have a costume at hand to hide your real self. No one needs to know the real you, the less they know about you the better. If no one can identify you, you’ve made a Raider proud. Me, I am the Raider you made proud.

  1. Venom Raider – Lover of Special poisons and Burning Tactics.

Let’s face the facts, Raiders do whatever it takes to win our battles. Honorable is when you duel, but not when you are in all out war. So it is no surprise that many Raiders will go for the use of toxic warfare. The Poison Knife and Venom Knife are the first tools for almost every Hawker. They become even more useful when you learn the toxic knife I have for you, a real Raider’s Knife. 

That’s not enough for us who love to be Venom Raiders. Our energy attunement is very specific, most of all for Katar users, fire. When we use fire, a Venom Raider becomes way more deadly. Phoenix Slash, Plasma Falcon, and Flame Slash are tools that can change the pace of combat for Defenders. 

A little fire and some consistent poison, now just watch the target decay in front of your eyes. Be sure to continue applying those burns and poisons, keep a bit of distance from the target, to ensure they won’t have a chance. The poison and burn won’t last forever, so resplash it as many times as you need to. Poison is a Raider’s best friend.

  1. Knife Raider – Lover of Knives.

The Last one I want to talk about is the Knife loving Raider. Guys, I love a good knife, most of all dipped in poison for maximum effect. A knife raider is the type of apprentice I love to have. I see Knife Raiders as the middle ground between Scout and Raider. 

The main weapon of this type of raider is not the knife, but katars. When having to fight in close range the Katar is their go to weapon. They have powerful fast attacks and hit critical points of their opponents. A Knife Raider is always ready to have to fight face to face with opponents.

But face to face is not what makes the Knife Raider unique, it is their Knife Throwing. Those 3 little knives are the backbone of this type of Raider. Fighting at a short distance they use the knives to assist those in the frontline or weaken enemies with their poison. When you see them around it is always range, and range attacks with their knife throwing. 

The Knife Thrower is not the only thing they do, they are also masters in stealth. You don’t see them coming. They hit you a hundred times and you will see nothing! NOTHING! They are masters of disguise at times, keeping themselves concealed. They are silent strikers in the night.

Like I said they are the middle ground of a Raider and Scout, a strict regimen for a raider. They employ the stealth tactics of a Dual Swordsman & Oparu Raider. They excel at the use of poisons like the Venom Raider. They keep their distance like a Raiscout. They track enemies, break in when they need to, they are one of the top warriors around. The Knife Thrower, is a great type of warrior to be and great for intercepting enemies.
Good luck,
Raisco the Dark Assassin, Fallen Six, General, Council of Six, Master of the Raider & Scout Discipline

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