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Premium Services: The Premium Express

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One of the services provided by having a Premium Subscription is the access to “Go” commands. In-character, this services is referred to as the Premium Express. These commands are meant to provide a player with a quick and convenient way of getting around the major cities and ports of the game. However it is not a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, there are some rules to the use of this command.


How to use the Go command:

This service is an easy one to use, simply input “/go” and a number, to be transported instantly to that location! For example, “/go 2”. To see the list of possible destinations, you can input the “/go” command without a number, and you will be shown the list of numbers you can attempt to use.


Restrictions to the Go command:

There are a couple of restrictions to using this command; the first one is your character cannot be in combat, this means taking damage or having recently finished taking damage, you will notice you are still in combat if your character is still in their combat stance or the hp bar is fluctuating. As soon as you HP Bar is back to full, you can use the “/go” command. The other restriction to the go command is, while you are provided with a full list of locations the go command can use, your character may not have access to some of the locations listed. Two examples are: Union Houses and Planets not in control of your organization. While your character can use a Go command to conveniently be transported inside the Union House of the one you belong to, if you try to use it for one to which you do not, you will find yourself automatically transported out. Furthermore, if you try to transport to a planet that is not under the control of the organization you belong to (for example, the Kingdom you’re a part of) then you will also find yourself automatically transported back.


Being Persecuted!

At some point in your adventures, you may find yourself isolated without a reliable means of escape or in the pursuit of an entity or group. In these scenarios, players will typically receive an in-game prompt that they are in danger, with the objective of surviving that encounter being the primary concern of the player at the time. In these scenarios, using the Go command will not be considered a valid escape, and the player will receive this warning upon being given the initial Survival Prompt. Failure to heed by this rule can cause your character to automatically fail the encounter, which in rare occasions lead to character death. So do be wary of using the Go command in such situations.

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