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Premium My Stat List

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When you become a Premium Defender, you get all sorts of commands to use. One of these is the “/mystat” command. You use these commands by typing in your All Chat tab.

The Mystat command is one that can provide you with detailed insight on your character’s statistics. It is more precise than the display using Alt+A and can display information not shown there. It is not only a useful tool for your character’s stats but also a valuable tool for checking potential errors or bugs. There are  different parameters they can look into, with some values repeated,  they are listed as follows:

Mystat (/mystat [input]) can provide you with:

ap == Attack Power
acc == Accuracy Rating
dodge == Dodge Rating
def == Defense Rating
crit == Critical Hit Rating
mspd == Movement Speed
block == Damage blocked (This one only works only the instant you are hit, so it is not very reliable for uses outside of play testing)
hp == Current Health
mp == Current Mana
maxhp == Max Health
maxmp == Max Mana
mdef == Magic Defense
aspd == Attack speed (Only shows proper values when engaged in auto attacks)
aspdp == Attack speed in percent (same conditions as above)
stamina == Stamina total (few things use Stamina, keep an eye on future content that may utilize it)
drop == Charm rating and how it affects drops
clan == Clan Id , Clan Rank (For cost and other things) & Clan Team ID for allied units

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