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Mayhem Special Launcher Guide

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Do you want to see things explode?, Do you want to auto attack and see your enemies melt by your barrage of cannon shells?. If the answer is yes this is the place for you, If the answer is no this is the place for you, Ji Ji Ji.


This Guide will show you the way to be an attack speed and critical chance launcher Bourgeois.


  1. Really good attack speed.
  2. Critical hit does true damage.
  3. Can off tank in special cases.
  4. Splash Damage/Area of effect (AoE).


  1. Low Movement Speed.
  2. Dependant on refine weapons.
  3. Long Cooldowns.


Here I will explain the different stats you can choose from.

  1. Concentration – Adds attack power, Accuracy and Critical Chance.
  2. Strength – Adds attack power, HP, Defense Points and Weight.
  3. Sense – Adds attack power and Critical Chance.

These are the Stats you will be focusing for this build.


Now for the ratio you will be using it.

  1. Concentration – 2
  2. Strength – 1
  3. Sense – 1

Right from your first stat points you get use this ratio, 2:1:1 Concentration: Strenght: Sense

Dealer skill Tree

Here I will explain the Dealer Skills.

  1. Intensify Weapon – Temporarily increase the Accuracy of both you and your Party Members.
  2. Salesman Gait – Increase Movement Speed by developing the muscles used to perform door to door sales.
  3. Discount – Increase salesmanship, enabling to you to buy goods from NPC shops at cheaper prices.
  4. Craftman’s Talent – Raise SEN stat which will enhance crafting skills.
  5. Backpack Mastery – Increase your backpack capabilities.
  6. Burst – Quickly fires a shot at an enemy in one swift attack.
  7. Dean Shot – Attack an enemy by quickly firing a powerful shot.
  8. Triple Shot – Attack an enemy by quickly aiming three fired shots in a row.

  1. Trigger Finger – Increase the Attack Speed of Gun and Launcher weapons.
  2. Tough Gunner – Increase the Attack Power and Accuracy of Gun and Launcher weapons.
  3. Twin Shot – Two enhanced shots in one skill.
  4. Sniping – Accurately fire a shot at an enemy’s vital point to inflict great damage.
  5. Demolition Expertise – Increase the damage inflicted with Launcher weapons.
  6. Mercenary Employment – Enable employment of stronger mercenaries.
  7. Employ Warrior – Hire a mercenary warrior to aid in battle.
  8. Employ Hunter – Hire a mercenary hunter to aid in battle.
  9. Weapon Expertise – Temporarily increase the Attack Power
  10. Light Step – Temporarily move lighter than air.

Bourgeois skill Tree

  1. Merchandising – Enhance your salesmanship, enabling you to sell your goods to NPC shops for higher prices.
  2. Veteran Sniper – Increase Attack Speed when Gun or Launcher weapons are equipped.
  3. Mastered Triple Shot – Mastered form of Triple Shot that inflicts increased damage.
  4. Stockpile – Increase the chance of obtaining a higher quantity of Materials from monster drops.
  5. Watcher – Summon a third eye that will reveal hidden enemies up to 16m away.
  6. Ace Gunner – Increase Attack Power and Accuracy when Gun or Launcher weapons are equipped.
  7. Summon Dread Knight – Hire a Dread Knight to aid you as an ally in battle.
  8. Zulie Storm – Create a powerful storm of zulie that will damage nearby enemies, reducing their accuracy.
  9. Toxic Shot – Fire a toxic bullet that may cause the target to become poisoned.
  10. Zulie Bolt – Fire a round of zulie at your enemy.
  11. Zulie Stun – Critically damage your enemies by spending a large amount of Zulie.
  12. Reflector – Reflect a portion of the damage you have received back to the enemy.
  13. Shrapnel Burst – Fire a shot at an enemy to inflict critical damage to the target and minor damage to enemies in the target’s vicinity.
  14. Cannon Splash Burst – Fire a powerful shot at an enemy to reduce its Movement Speed.
  15. Launcher Smash – Momentarily stun your target with a surprising Launcher attack upside their head.
  16. Flame Stun Burst – Fire an explosive shot that will damage all nearby enemies and may knock them unconscious.
  17. Dual Layer – Increase Defense Power and Magic Resistance.
  18. Wind Step – Temporarily move as fast as the wind.
  19. Illusion – Move so quickly that enemies can only perceive your afterimage.
  20. Weapon Augment – Augment your equipped weapon to dramatically increase its Attack Speed.
  21. Junk-Rigging – Jury-Rig your weapon with junk parts to temporarily enhance Attack Power.

Skill Point Distribution

Before I start this area. You will have to choose between summons or shots. There are pros and cons for both.

Summons first


  1. Bodies on ground.
  2. Easy to control.


  1. Slow movement speed.
  2. Hurt your skills. (depend on your auto attack completely)

Shots (Burst, Dean Shot, Triple Shot)


1. Low Skill Cooldowns.

      2. help in pvp / Armored Enemies.


  1. Take away from auto attack damage.

Before You put points decide between shots and summons since it will be your first points to start leveling up. Now That you know the two paths and made the choice you wish, Let’s put the points.

Dealer Skills

  1. 9 Points on Trigger Finger. (Extra attack speed always helps)
  2. 18 Points on Tough Gunner. (Extra damage is always good)
  3. 9 Points on Demolition Expertise (First Splash Damage, Pre-requirements)

This is the core of what you need as pre-requirements for Bourgeois.

Bourgeois Skills

  1. 9 Points on Veteran Sniper. (Extra attack speed)
  2. 18 Points on Ace Gunner. (Extra attack power)
  3. 9 Points on Flame Stun Burst. (First Splash Stun/ aoe , Most important)
  4. 9 Points on Shrapnel Burst. (First Slow Splash / aoe)
  5. 9 Points on Cannon Splash Burst (Secon Slow Splash/ aoe)
  6. 5 Point on Dual Layer (Off Tank skill, good for survival)

This is the Core Build. If you wish for the use of bombs get 9 points on Alchemy Research and 9 points Alchemy Craft. Also Keep 14 points at hand for the skills available for anything along the way. Other option is pick any other skill to supplement , for example the buffs or passives to help you carry more.


The Playstyle is pretty straight forward.

  1. Keep always your distance for maximum damage.
  2. Use your Splash/aoe in big groups (Be careful all the targets will attack you immediately you do it)
  3. In the case you need to Tank or off tank,

                     A. Stay Behind the tank but in front of everyone else.

B. Use Splash /aoe to call all the targets like a tank.

C. Be sure to keep Dual Layer Buff Up.

With this you will be able to destroy anything in your way. Keep in mind Launcher Bourgeois must be place with patience and timing.  When you get on battle think when is good to auto attack and when to use your skills.

Thanks for reading my Guide.

Have fun and remember to destroy everyone in your way while shouting Ji Ji Ji.

Att. Mayhem the Mad

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