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If you’ve questions about the Order’s Etiquette, feel free to listen. The order specializes in Civil Affairs. This means that it’s the Orders business to ensure all matters are accounted for. This starts with a residential job, merchant licensing and even library documents. The order also has the power to take these matters into investigation. It is the Orders primary affair to ensure that the law of the kingdom is followed. Given these details, the order can issue trials and investigations to find answers. Members of the order range from documentation scribes, to judges and merchants. Thus allowing the order to properly document their investigations. Order Staff is commonly expected to be able to carry out investigations discreetly. As well as be able to understand and find the truths of matters of investigation. Thus, order staff is commonly tasked with looking into details of events. Members of the Order are rewarded with a good union credit rate. And given access to purchasing Glorious union equipment. As well as some vital tools for siege combat.

Enrollment in the order, requires 1,000,000 Zulie.  This, to be paid over time, and is non-negotiable. Once enrollment is completed, it cannot be undone without the Dignitary’s consent. If you believe yourself capable, and willing. Feel free to join our Union.

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