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If you do not know of the Guild, listen carefully. Otherwise, feel free to walk away. The Guild specializes in management of the Kingdom’s economy. We ensure materials, foods, and even valuables are moved across the planets. Giving defenders the use of their storage, and residents the use of materials for their product. We also specialize in merchandising across the planet. From defender, to minor materials. Giving them licensing and authorization to place shops and sell to others. The Guild also provisions licensing for Defender and Residential Mining. Which is vital for Gem and Fuel production throughout the planets. The Guild houses refineries which we use to make Fuel for the kingdoms.

Defenders who join the Guild are often asked to aid by provision of materials. With often aiding other unions in progress and advancements of their own. This means that this would be the most common task undertaken with us. Our Union offers you unique wears of the Precious Variety. Alongside several high rate crafting materials for Castle Gears and other such things. Defenders enrolled in our Union will be rewarded with regular payments of Union Credit.

The cost of Enrollment will be that of 1,000,000 Zulie. Enrollment cannot be changed upon completion, without the Guildmaster’s consent. Those are the Guild Specialties, Benefits, Tasks, and Rewards. If our Union is to your liking, feel free to join our ranks.

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