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Clan System

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Clans is a group of players under the same visions and goals. Many activities, quests, organizations, raids or features are only available to Clans. (The only way to see purchased Reward Points is by being in a Clan.)

Creating a Clan

In most organizations like the Akram Kingdom and the Principality Empire, a player can create a Clan after reaching level 30 by talking to the Union Lords, and leadership of the Main Organization. As a Clan Owner you will be requested a fee of 1,000,000 Zulie in order to create the Clan. One is taken to a location, and forced to have a chat a Brigade registry member. When you have selected the option to create a clan, a window will pop up. At this window you select your Clan name, Clan slogan and your Clan mark. When you hit the confirm, your clan is created.

In the Aruan Reign, for a clan to be made a Legionnaire must accept the gift of the Goddess. This is done by first becoming a Legionnaire of the Aruan Army. By receiving the gift a Clan is made with the specifics of previous Generals of the Aruan Reign. These specifics given include an already set Clan name, clan slogan, and clan mark. (In the Aruan Reign a clan is called a Battalion.)

Clan Points

Each clan starts out with space for 15 members (including the clan master). Clan Points can be used to rank up the clan as well as payments for NPCs if you are attempting to establish a major union. In order to gain more space, the clan must earn clan points (called Clan Currency in-game) and use it to rank up the clan. Clan Points have a maximum limit of 10,000. (That means you can’t get more than 10,000 Clan Points.) Getting clan points can be done in a number of ways.

1) PVP War – Fighting in war between organizations will increase your Clan Points, if victory is on your side. A clan that serves crucial roles in the battles, and outcome of the war are those that receive Clan Points. War will also increase your Clan Fame.

2) Game Arenas – These Events, carried out by the MOB or the Game Moderators can also increase your clan points.

3) RAIDS – Completing a Raid as a clan can give clan points and Clan Fame.

4) The Main Clan – Being the main Clan of an organization will of course reward you with Clan Points.

5) Resource Drive – As you’ll learn Resource Drives is part of the gathering and refining. It is also a way to collect Clan Points. Members of your clan can began to gather materials and hand over to resource drives to help increase Clan Currency.

6) Food Drives – These are resource drives collected by the main cities, you hand in Proof of Extermination, Fish or any other type of food requested to receive Clan Points.

7) Clan Missions – Much like Raids, Clan Missions are those you must do together to complete. They are mostly centered around grind-like methods and when completing them as a group, a clan will be rewarded.

Clan Rank

As your clan continues to gather up clan points it will be able to increase it’s Clan Rank. Clan Rank in Defenders of the Cross only means that you are able to have more members in your clan. The bigger your clan the better it is for any plan or purpose the Clan has. Every moment you rank up, you increase the number of Captains and Elites you can have in the Clan. The maximum rank of a clan is Six (Purple). In the last clan rank you get a maximum of 45 defenders. Clan’s grade determines expected base pay, increased clan grade also increases NPC interest in working with the clan as a union, which is also tied to your Clan Fame.

Clan grade (rank) raises automatically, clan point cost is your clan’s Grade times the number of members you can have (so 300 points to upgrade a Clan from Grade 1 to Grade 2; 4,800 points to upgrade from 4 to 5). The higher the clan rank, the more Captains and Elites you can promote.

Clan Plan

A Clan is a group of players united under the same emblem. In Defenders of the Cross players are expected to work together to further expand the story line. You can create a clan with the purpose of fighting for the organization or with your own purpose.

The Clan Notice, which is available to add Clan Masters. Is a great way to keep your members informed. Any in-game knowledge a Master wishes to share with his members, can be added in the Clan Notice.

As a master and deputy master of a certain clan, you want to have already a plan laid out for the “Battalion”. This plan include what types of defenders you’d want to recruit, what’s the purpose for you battles, rivals, or dreams of becoming a union or organization.

When wanting to become a Major Union, you’ll want to do focus on something very important. Establishing a clan economy. This includes gaining Zulie, Coins and Clan Points. It’s important that all members in your Clan know of this plan. This way they can assist you in all the dreams of grandeur.

Clan Fame

As a clan you will be in constant battles and events. Once you have a plan or purpose you must participate in the Wars, Raids and Story line to move forward in the game. Doing these things will increase your Clan Fame.

What is Clan Fame? Clan Fame is the position your clan is viewed by the diverse systems. All Clans are constantly trying to prove their worth, and this is how they are measured. A clan with the highest fame for an organization becomes the Main Clan of that organization. Clan Fames is very useful to influence NPCs, Storyline and achievements a clan can obtain. It is also used to determines a Unions upkeep (if you clan has the dream of advancing to a major clan).

Clan Fame can’t be seen it is something only measured by the systems and will remain closed to your eyes. You just have to move your clan forward with the story to find out just how big an influence your clan has on the game.

Clan Activities

Doing things as a clan has a powerful impact in the world of Defenders of the Cross. Not only is it advantageous to roam in numbers since it greatly facilitates obtaining the M.O.B. but also completing objectives as a clan not only benefits the member’s experience and reputation but it also improves the clan’s standing to several entities of the M.O.B. such as minor Organizations and Unions. This can open up potential campaigns and events that would not be available to an individual or a clan who was not in the same standing as yours.

Manage you Clan Grade

In most cases, Clans start at Grade 1. A clan’s grade determines various factors: The higher your clan grade, the more Captains and Elites you can have in the clan, the more total members you can have in the Clan and several factors related to the M.O.B. become affected as well. Your clan grade affects how long you can siege an enemy location during a conflict  and, should you hire NPCs to do work for the clan via the mob, their pay increases as your clan grade increases. You upgrade your clan by accumulating Clan Points, these are based on your clan’s Grade times the number of Hired Personal and Clan Members you can have (so to upgrade from 1 to 2, it’s 300 making the clan grade cost to be 300; from 4 to 5, it’s 1,500 making the clan grade cost to be 4,800).

Use the Clan Notice

Information placed on the clan notice is considered a correspondence sent to all members of the Clan. This is a really convenient way of helping your members do tasks without having to verify the information first with others. Managing your clan notice properly to help give your members ideas and guidance on what to do will go far in not only getting things done but also ensuring that your members do not feel lost as to what your collective goals are.

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