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Using The Compass

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During your journey you may be referred to the use of a Compass, and to use it to provide detailed information about a location in an area. The Compass is part of a Defender’s basic tools which all characters have access to, here is how to use it.


To use your Compass and determine the coordinates of where you are currently standing, you use the command /myloc. This will give you back three pieces of information:

Your map number (the ID of the zone you’re in)

Your X Coordinate (West to East / Left to Right on a Map, Latitude)

Your Y Coordinate (North to South / Up and Down on a Map, Longitude)


You can pass this information to other players and M.O.B. entities as a coordinate, such as:

5134, 5004.

The Compass will provide you a rather precise measurement including various decimal places, but other than for precision purposes, you will not be asked to provide the EXACT decimal amount, just the non-decimal numbers will suffice! (Everything before the “.”). You’ll want to keep this in mind for when speaking to various systems of the Defenders of the Cross lands. A long range artillery bombardment, for example, will need to know the location to fire at.

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