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Bonus Exp! The Happy Hour System

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The Happy Hour Bonus Experience System:

During playtime, you may see announcements stating that a Happy Hour is going on in some Map. While maps are under a Happy Hour, the amount of experience given by defeating enemies there is increased! Defenders of the Cross follows certain patterns of maps that undergo this Happy Hour, some parts are set in place, while some are dependent on events of the main story.

There are 5 maps that are set in stone for Happy Hour rotation, although not necessarily in order, they are as follows:

The Canyon City of Zant

The Kenji Beach

The Gorge of Silence

The Crystal Snowfields

The Xita Refuge

The other 5 maps rotate between key locations of the story, their definitions are as follows:

The Command Center, the major base of operations of the ruling organization. This could be their main base in a war of conquest or simply their capital settlement outside of war.

Plot Point, these are areas that are currently one of the focal points of the storyline, it could be a zone with many major campaigns involved, or a highly contested area where the conflict is big enough to be considered a clash between organizations.

As such, this rotation will shift constantly between any active Command Centers and Plot Points as defined by the story. Outside of war, it is not uncommon for some of these types of map to not currently exist, in these cases you may see the announcement call out that it is Inactive.

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