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As you explore the world of Defenders of the Cross you may run into areas that automatically kick out of after you’ve entered them. These maps are known by the community as Raid Zones. Raid Zones are maps that, for one reason or another, are not under the control of the main organization, or have their access restricted. Some examples (but not all) of these types of maps:

-Headquarters of an enemy organization or hostile force.
-Currently contested war zone.
-Areas designated as restricted access by the authorities.

A common term these areas go by is Raid Zones; put simply, these are maps you can’t just walk into, access to them must be granted in some way. The most common way to gain entry to a Raid Zone is via acquiring a permit. Permits are handed out when receiving a Campaign. They can also be given by NPCs of the Major Unions such as the Brigade, the Guild, the Order or the Faction and are handed in to guards typically stationed near the entry to Raid Zones (Only Master or Deputy Masters can get the Permit from NPC). Trying to enter these zones without a permit or some other sort of access will typically get you kicked out, as previously mentioned.

Let’s understand a little more of the permits. A permit is a document that allows a clan to enter a Raid Zone. As mentioned earlier, they are given by the Unions (or when you receive a campaign), but several requirements need to be met. The first requirement is a purpose (a campaign). As a defender if you wish to enter a Raid Zone, your character must have a story line reason to enter it. Once you have that, you need to have the second requirement ready. The second requirement is to be a clan master or a deputy master (during a war campaign a captain can also obtain a permit); A nice little loophole with this is when you do a mission that is unique to you, and a permit is needed (you must still be a member of a clan though). The third requirement is to get a permit from a Union that has a Guard stationed in the specified raid zone (or with a Campaign). One of the most known Unions to have Guards stationed in the Raid Zones is the Brigade. An example, If the area is managed by the Guild you’ll need a permit from the Guild. Once you have the permit, you must know certain things in mind. The first is that the permit doesn’t have a time limit. When handed into the NPC, the permit is expired. The second thing to keep in mind is, after receiving the permit, you have a long time to properly prepare for the Raid you are about to undertake. Receiving the permit is the time to prepare for the raid zone, you must prepare before hand. Lastly, a clan can only use a permit for a Raid Zone every 12 hours. These things are required specifically for Raid Zones that are areas designated as restricted access by the authorities. Sadly, after asking for a Permit, and continuously failing the NPC may refuse to hand you another permit.

Getting kicked out can mean a variety of things, getting escorted out by guards, being denied entry by gatekeepers, or getting thrown out by hostile forces. Whatever the reason storyline-wise, the point is there is resistance to entry to these zones that must be circumvented by obtaining a permit or finding another way in. Different zones have different access points, so a permit is not the only way in, but it is typically the simplest one. Should you seek entry into these zones in other ways, feel free to get creative, but keep in mind that some approaches carry a greater risk. Plan accordingly and prepare, best of luck out there Defender. Once you receive the Permit and hand it in, you must wait for the MOB to open up the entrance. That can be recognized with an announcement of “Meanwhile…”.

List of Raid Zones (in need of permits):

-Goblin Cave
-Pomic Colony
-Woopie Cavern
-Cave of Ulverick
-Golem Cave
-Oblivion Temple
-Forgotten Temple
-Sikuku Prison
-Sikuku Ruins
-Golden Ring