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This article will provide various useful tips and information regarding how the M.O.B. checks up on players and attempts to start interactions. Armed with this knowledge, players can improve and optimize how they interact with the M.O.B. as well.


One of the M.O.B. partitions can check in on players to see what they are doing and see if an interaction of some sort can begin. An interaction can be a number of things: it could be a conversation with a nearby NPC, the reaction of nearby creatures, the response to the player’s attempt to interact with the environment, the results or effects of two or more players interacting with each other, among other similar examples. The M.O.B. is often times checking up on players and what they are doing, with the frequency of these checks increasing or decreasing based off of available resources.


There are various factors which affect how often the M.O.B. checks in on players and how quickly interactions proceed or even get started. One of the biggest factors is whether or not it is PRIME TIME, denoted as 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM (Midnight) Atlantic Standard Time. During this time frame is when the M.O.B. is at its highest and the most amount of events can start. In particular, at our around Prime Time’s start there will be active “check” going out letting a player know a partition is “listening in” to see if they can start events, players receive an announcement stating “Meanwhile . . .” to give them a heads up that they can try to start events at that time. Factors outside of this, however, is if other events have already started! Main storyline events and events started by other players will start taking up resources, slowing down and at times halting the M.O.B.’s ability to start new events until the running ones conclude. While players do have access to some activities that do not involve the M.O.B., we do understand that these events are among the main things players seek to do while online, we highly suggest players group up and do events together instead of trying to run multiple smaller events independently so you can get involved in as much M.O.B. as you may desire! The great majority of quests and events are meant to be tackled together in groups or parties, so it is intended for players to face these challenges united in the first place!

Starting Interactions

One important factor to not lose sight of is that, depending on your character or the present circumstances, not all interactions will start. As there is a strong role-playing focus to Defenders of the Cross, your character’s reputation and backstory will open AND close doors to you based on what you’ve done and who you are. Same as players can run villainous, neutral, or heroic storylines, there will also be certain interactions or actions that are gated behind a player being of a certain alignment, belonging to a certain group, or knowing key information. Always remember to keep in mind your character’s storyline, and that of those of your group. Using the right person for the right job will do wonders to opening up a plethora of quests and adventures, but never forget to understand and meet the requirements of what you may be trying to do.

Responsive Interactions

There are some interactions that can start automatically just with your character being there, these can happen if you stumble into an event waiting to start, or if the NPC was already waiting for you in the first place. It is a very good habit to keep in mind pending business you may have with some entities, as it can also lead to interactions starting easier for you.