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As you play in the world of Defenders of the Cross, you realize just how important the Storyline and Role Play are.

One of the ways to reward players for their roles, and actions are with a set of Role Play Announcements. Here are the current <Announcement> you receive and their meaning, adjustment to these can be made so stay tuned for more in the Knowledge Base.

Meanwhile… = It means the MOB is currently checking on your character.

Someone’s remembering this. = You’ve left an impression with a mob entity (Creature, Monster, Native, SNPC or NPC).

I should remember this. = This seems to be very important for your character. When you receive this, you might want to take a screenshot or write down what happen at this moment.

A die has been cast. = A dice has been rolled. This will determine the success or fail of a current interaction, conversation or action. (Has now a static exp amount).

I should pass this on. = This will be important for a mob entity or a person.

This feels like progress. = An impression of progression is happening.

Elsewhere… = Your interaction has ended.

New Objective Received. = You’ve been given a mission. It will appear in your DOTC Mail. Here you can see the mission, main objective and difficulty. A new campaign has begun.

You have failed an objective. = The mission you were on was a complete failure. It’s not necessarily the end, but you failed the objective this time.

Secondary Objective Complete! = An objective for a Campaign or a small side mission has been finished. This announcement is later accompanied by Experience Points relevant to a player’s level.

You’ve completed a Primary Objective! = You’ve finished a very important objective. This announcement is also accompanied by Experience Points, the amount is based on the difficulty of the mission.

You’ve completed a Campaign! = You’ve finished a campaign. This announcement is also accompanied by Experience Points, and boy is it a HUGE amount.