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Monster Ranks

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In the world of Defenders of the Cross, you may run into various types of creatures you can fight. This varies from hostile natives and wild creatures, to powerful raid bosses and fiendish creations. Hovering your cursor over these, you will notice that their names are highlighted in a variety of colors, and that there may be specific symbols by their names. In this guide, we will go over what those colors and symbols mean.


The color of your target, with the exception of player characters, is a way of showing you how your current level compares to it, the scale is as follows:

Grey – at least 20 levels below you 

Light Blue – at least 15 levels below you

Blue – at least 10 levels below you

Green – at least 5 levels below you

Yellow – within 5 levels of you

Orange – at least 5 levels above you

Red – at least 10 levels above you

Magenta – at least 15 levels above you

Purple – at least 20 levels above you


Red Face: Swarmer, these enemies tend to come in large numbers and are mostly grunts.

Single Sword: Fighter, these typically lower defense, but higher attack.

Crossed Swords: Warrior, these are tougher than Fighters and hit harder too.

Bow: Hunter, these are ranged fighters with some offensive capability.

Bow and Arrow: Ranger, these are ranged fighters with superior capabilities to Hunters.

Shield: Guards, these units typically are durable and have some crowd control capability.

Staff: Mage, these units typically have weak physical defense but wield powerful energy skills.

Bronze Star: Officer, these units spawn at a lower rate but have above-average capabilities.

Silver Star: Captain, typically leaders of small groups, can have a variety of skills and abilities.

Gold Star: Colonel, these are large-scale leaders with various powers at their disposal.

Skull: General / Raid Boss: Among the strongest enemies you will find, it will take coordinated effort to take these down.

Crown: King / Raid Boss: The most powerful units of their faction, rare and extremely powerful, these are not to be trifled with.

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