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Welcome to the world of Defenders of the Cross! As you may have heard of previously, this world is one where the actions of your character have an influence on not only what happens to you via the M.O.B. but also to other players. Understanding that whatever actions you take can have an impact on the world around, including changes in the physical layout of the game and locations or interactions with NPCs towards you is important to making the most out of your experience in this world. As such, we will lay out some guidelines so that you can use your character’s potential to the fullest!



There are multiple channels you can use to communicate with others, the commonly used ones are SAY, TRADE, CLAN, PARTY, SHOUTS and WHISPERS.

You can communicate with other Defenders across all of these channels, however there are important distinctions to be made as to how these channels interact with the M.O.B. and the story.

Clan and Party Chats are not involved with the storyline at all. Trade chat is normally ignored for these purposes as well, with rare exceptions, usually as a joke.

The M.O.B. does utilize Whispers to communicate with you in terms of interactions beginning and ending, impressions, objective and campaign completion, storyline progression and other similar messages. It is not possible, however, to whisper back to the server. So it is only for informing the player.

Say chat and Shouts are the primary means with which to communicate with the M.O.B. and is the primary method that communications are sent to your character as well. Remember to stay in character when speaking in the general chat (say chat) and shouting. Even should the M.O.B. not be involved with an interaction with you at that moment, do not be surprised if the actions you took when you thought “the M.O.B. was not there” actually end up having consequences in the storyline. So please, as a rule of thumb, always stay in character. You can use this to your advantage should you choose to do so, but ignoring it can have the opposite effect and severely hinder your character.


The difference between a player’s plans working or not, often times boil down to how the player prepared to do it with the M.O.B. There are many ideas that can work within the world of Defenders of the Cross, but trying to pull them off out of nowhere typical has severely penalized chances of success. This world has many internal mechanics which are not revealed to a player from the get go, this is not meant to be an obstacle to players but more of a welcome to players to ask about them and learn them as their character, instead of magically understanding everything from the start. If you have an idea that you think could be interesting to try out, it is highly suggested you speak to an NPC or SNPC via the M.O.B. that may have the necessary knowledge to help you make it a reality, or at the very least let you know if it’s impossible.

The world of Defenders of the Cross is a very open one, but remember to keep in mind the actual limitations of the world around you! If you have an innovative idea, do not think of how it could work in real life or in other works of fiction, but instead think of how it could within the world of Defenders of the Cross. The best way of knowing this is, once again, with an interaction with the M.O.B. via an NPC or SNPC.

The preparation phase before a major battle is also a very valuable time to set up any strategy you wish to attempt before the battle begins. Once the battle is midway it can be much harder to actually get tactics going, the more you can get done in the preparation phase, the better. Players who understand the value of this crucial prep time tend to be the ones who have the highest success rate in major battles.


As your character’s story develops, you may desire to take up a hobby, develop a technique or just pick up a side career. All of these are possible within the world of Defenders of the Cross and they are developed via your character’s roleplay. If you wish to learn to cook, play the flute, or make a sweet custom technique, all follow the same progression. Like any new craft you start learning in real life, your character will not be good at it at first. You may get impressions and M.O.B. entities saying things like “they’re terrible at it!” or “you need to focus better on it” at first, do not take this as discouragement! Quite the opposite it is the progression system registering that you’re trying to learn this new skill, so you’re actually getting started. Repeated impressions will gradually become more and more positive until your character fully obtains their goal. Rewards such as techniques or particular abilities via the M.O.B. will come out as a result of these personal growth projects, the important thing is to keep trying and be consistent!

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