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Mini Game Prompts (MGP)

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The world of Defenders of the Cross has several mini-games. Some of these can be used outside of Prime Time and others are directly linked to the Storylines and Side Stories of the DOTC Universe.

Here are the first 3 one should be aware of and a little on how they function.

#1 Fishing:
In this type of minigame, you’ll need to use one of the text commands you should be familiar with. This one is the “/prize #” command. Unlike many situations in which you use just “/prize 1”, here you will use/prize 1-9. Meaning items will appear in the same prompt and you must shuffle between typing /prize 1, /prize 2. /prize 9, and so on.

The catch is in one of the prizes, you need to find it within the time window of the fishing prompt, once you find it, use it as much as possible until it runs out. Fishing prompts cycle on and off at spots you find them in. In this mini-game one is required to have a Fish Bait, or else you can’t interact with the prompt. Fishing bait can be acquired via M.O.B. traders tied to fishing.

One of the most common items to fish out is Carp. Carp can be traded in at taverns or inns for coins or clan points. Many other types of fish can also be found, such as Crystalline Marlin. These are rarer and are found based on the maps you decide to fish at. 

Fishing Missions:
When you are fishing for a particular object or catch, the prompt works like it usually does, the difference is that you may catch a “Firecracker” which must be ignited (using the firecracker in your inventory by double-clicking it) to signal you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. You will still tediously catch carp in the process, none escape its mediocre grasp. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll always need to have a fishing rod to accomplish these types of missions. Without a fishing rod equipped the M.O.B. will not allow you to activate fishing related events. 

#2 Digging:
Like the Fishing mini-game, the Digging one also makes use of the “/prize #” commands, also ranging from “/prize 1” to “/prize 9.” 

Also similar to fishing, the prize is hidden in one or more of the prompts available, they stay active until they are interacted with. After finding the hidden prize, the prompt closes permanently. In this mini-game it is required to have a shovel, or else you can’t interact with the prompt. If you are planning on being on the lookout for digging spots it is always a good idea to have shovels at hand. Similar to bait, Shovels can be purchased from M.O.B. traders.

Digging Missions:
This is very similar to the original concept for getting the item, but when the mission is to obtain an object from the dig site, the prompt WILL turn back on at a later time should you fail to find the item you’re looking for. Keep in mind, however,  the dig location may shuffle to another spot in the same area, it will not be too far, so just make sure to comb the site. The item you are looking for will also shuffle among the prize list if the prompt opens up again. 

#3 Harvesting:
The third of this list of Mini games is Harvesting. Just like all the others, you guessed it, “/prize 1” and only “/prize 1”. Before you even think about harvesting, you’ll need to get yourself the tool you need for it.

In the lands, every now and then a prompt will open. These locations can provide fruits, herbs, pollen, or any other type of material related to harvesting. When the area is “Farmable” you can use an item called a “spade”. (Farmable = with an available prompt.) After inputting the “/prize” command, the spade is removed, the item harvested is given and the prompt will close. It is important to understand this because you need more spades for each attempt at harvesting, gathering, or farming.

Every tree, plant, bush, or farm gives a different item. Different plants give different materials. The location you used to gather the materials (Plants, Trees, Bushes, farm) are closed when harvested but is likely to appear days later. Keep this in mind, if you want to be successful in harvesting, move around, and search in the many ample foliage in the lands.

Keywords for MGP:
The M.O.B. has a specific way of letting you know that an item will be used using the /prize system. Anytime you see the word “Utilize” to describe an action, such as “Utilize Rope,” it hints that the M.G.P. will be involved.

Handing in Multiple Prizes Simultaneously

There is a multi-prize function available for prompts. This can be done on all prompts of the M.G.P. system. The format for using multi-prize is “/prize # #” where the first number is the prize number in the list and the second number is how many of those you wish to receive. For example, if you wish to use the third prize of a prompt list ten times, you would input “/prize 3 10”. Keep in mind, you have to be precise when using the multi-prize function, as trying to hand in more prizes than you have tradeable items for will cause you to lose all of those items.

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