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In-Character MOB Terms

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Since the world of Defenders of the Cross is a Role-Playing Game. Every Defender (or player) must learn to separate in-game and out-game. The systems of D.O.T.C will express things in a Storyline sense, and it is your job to interpret. There are many terms within the M.O.B System that will be expressed a certain way, and to your “out game” persona they will have a different meaning. 

The first example of this is the “Feel free to come by and have a chat.” When an NPC or SNPC tells you that, it means that you can use it’s default conversations by double-clicking it. This is very common in NPC that are also sellers. They tell you “have a chat” to allow the player to know he can go by at any moment and buy from the NPC by clicking on the NPC.

A second example can be “Someone out in the lands.” When an SNPC or NPC tells you that, it means you are looking for a non-static NPC. (Static NPC example [Guide] Eva)

You will often see the keyword “Utilize” when the action will involve the M.G.P. or “/prize” system. For example, the phrase: “You should Utilize a Rock for that” details that a Rock item will be required for a prompt.

There are different ways M.O.B. entities can request items:

“Carrier Request” which means that the items needed must be deposited in an allied stockpile and must be shipped to the location that it is to be used. These typically involve larger quantities of items or are of a nature that requires transportation.

“Collection Request” which means items requested must be deposited into an allied stockpile or Crate. (You don’t have to ship them with caravans, carriers nor porters. They will be transported automatically). These will typically be smaller requests.

“time for that has passed” at many times might pop out. That phrase can usually be attributed to the end of an NPCs or SNPCs mission or reason for spawning. Non-Player Entities at many times have a purpose to achieve and when it is done, they no longer have reasons to be around the Game World. They sometimes can make re-appearances or have their purpose advanced or grown (Example: When they are hired).

There are many more terms the M.O.B. will use to describe the additional “stats” a piece of equipment provides. Feel free to use these as a reference guide when asking about or browsing the equipment traders offer.

“Hardening” which means “Attack Power”

“Sharpening” which means “Critical”

“Unencumbered” which means “Dodge Rate”

“Lightweight” which means “Movement Speed”

“Impact Nullifiers” which means “Defense”.

“Energy Nullifiers” which means “Energy Resistance”, “Magic Defense”, “Magic Resistance”

“Balancing” which means “Accuracy”

“Improved Recoil” which means “Attack Speed”

“Aural Reinforcement” which means “Max Health”, “Maximum Health”, “Max HP”

“Aural Containment” which means “Max Energy”, “Maximum Energy”, “Max Mana”, “Max MP”

“Additional Containers” which means “Inventory Capacity”

“Aural Projection” which means “MP Consumption”, “Energy Consumption”

“Power Augmentation Enhancement” which means “Strength”

“Aural Augmentation” which means “HP Recovery”, “Health Recovery”

“Agility Augmentation Enhancement” which means “Dexterity”

“Channeling Capacity Enhancement” which means “Intelligence”

“Aural Enhancement” which means “Energy Recovery”, “MP Recovery”, “Mana Recovery”

“Channeling Focus Enhancement” which means “Concentration”

“Aesthetic Enhancement” which means “Charm”, “Charisma”

“Projection Enhancement” which means “Sense”, “Sensibility”

Any of these terms or similar to these have their “out game” definition above. Other bonuses are planned to be added. (These are in no way directly linked to Weapon Types.) Some of those future ones include:

Experience Bonus

Drop Bonus

Damage Bonus

Magic Attack Bonus

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