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Account Bound Status

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Account Bound

There may come a time where one or more of your characters find their items to be account bound, meaning they cannot trade, drop, or sell via player shop any items at all. So what is this and when does it happen? We’ll go into detail below.

NOTE: There are some items that, by default, cannot be traded or dropped. There are also some items which cannot be placed into the storage. Those are original settings of those items and are not related to the character being account bound. Account bound characters are those who cannot drop, trade or sell via shop ANY item they possess; and we specifically mean the player shops, not the NPC vendors found throughout the game.

The Account Bound status particularly affects players who are in control of multiple accounts, specifically, those who control more than two accounts.

Account Bound means that items of that account cannot be dropped, traded to other players or sold to other players (via a player shop). Which items? Equipment, Gear, Materials, PAT, Zulie and consumables are only to be usable by that account. Thus, all items in the account are tied to the account. Another limit that Account Bound gives to a character’s account is the inability to create parties or even join a party.

How would it determine what accounts will be affected by this? Accounts with a main character (those with the highest reputation if the account has multiple characters) will not fall under the account bound status. Characters in a second account will also not have anything to worry about. Having characters in three or more accounts, will cause those additional accounts past the first two to be account bound.

Players who have accounts transferred to them, in particular, need to be wary. If additional accounts make the total of your accounts greater than 2, the new account will be under the bound status.

If an account is a premium account, it will not become account bound even if it is a third or higher account, as long as the premium subscription is maintained.

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