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Rules for Book Submission

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In the Defenders of the Cross Universe we’ve added a way for Defender’s to write in-game content, and books onto the M.O.B. This is called Book Submissions. (Writing a Book for D.O.T.C.)

What information is required from the player (Defender)?
– Character Name –
– Account’s Email –
-MOB Recognition-

The first thing a Defender (Player) needs to do is make sure to get a recognition of the Book one is writing in the game. They can do this by speaking with an N.P.C. that is related to their story about documenting their adventurer’s or writing down their theories. Once the M.O.B. System has recognized that you are indeed writing a book you should receive an email. The email will be sent to the email connected to the Account of that character. (Note: If the email that sends the Book Submission is not the same as the account will be denied.)

Once M.O.B. System has detected that your character has begun a story line path towards writing their own book into the world of Defenders of the Cross it all begins. . In order to prepare your book to be perceived completely and openly by the Game World you, the player, must actively write out the book of your own in the real world. Assuming that this does interest you and truly is the path that you are intending for your character’s story-line, I suggest you prepare yourself to write, and brainstorm all the ideas that come to your head for your content. The emails should take about 72-hours after the M.O.B. has registered your actions. (Note: Book Submissions not have not been recognized by the M.O.B. System will be denied.)

You as the player (Defender), have now in your hands the ability to write up a book that will not only be present among your character’s inventory, in game messages, and story-line. But will also have the possibility of existing permanently throughout the game world and have the chance of even becoming one of the “Great Tomes” that N.P.Cs and Players alike speak so much about in game. But, there are some key details we need to discuss, before letting you continue on.


Keeping in mind that what you are writing is not only for yourself, but also for the M.O.B. System, and game world to comprehend. There are certain things that we need to mention that need to be avoided at all costs.

But, for clarity’s sake, and to “K.I.S.” (Keep It Simple). Your entry must follow the following.
*A Simple Format, of just text, enters, and space bars. (Symbols like # * ? > $ ! and such, are usable.)
*No Page Breaks must be present among your text.
*Your Content Cannot Contain pictures or any links of any kind. As such, they cannot be present.
*The Content Must Match your character’s in game story-line, as well as your deductions have possible outcomes inside the world of D.O.T.C. This part can be achieved by asking around in game about the things you are considering writing, before sending them in.
*The File’s Delivery Format, must be in RTF. (Rich Text Format)”

Don’t be discouraged before we even start. No, I don’t expect your entire book to be done right here and now. Please, calm down. 

Keep Calm, Let’s start

For starters, let’s be clear on a couple of things here. This system that you are walking into is not a support request, it’s not a spammable inbox. Nor any such idea. This is just a text detection and processing system so that you can help not only immortalize your characters in the world of DOTC, but also help your progress your story-lines in the way that you see fit.

Alright, so, what we’re really expecting from this point on, is pretty much what you want to start reflecting in the Game World. The Title of the Book will be the Title of the Document you send in. So make sure it’s saved with something that you like, which also states what’s being read. The content must not contain the Title of the book, for it will cause a repeat when it’s seen in game. You don’t want to start a book saying “The Legendary Adventures of Me The Legendary Adventures of Me. Once upon a time… yada yada”. That’ll just be weird not only in the game world, but even in the real world. You can feel free to think of your first file submission, as your character’s first Draft to what he’s writing fully. 

If you’re looking to write multiple books with your character, well, K.I.S. Just submit a new file, with a different name. (Keep in mind, the name must be the same one from each submission, do not add a single letter or number or symbol to the file when submitting if you wish for it to be an appenditure or fix of an old book). Easy as that. A series could also be started, by keeping the same names, but adding a number to the end of each file submission. “The Legendary Tales of Me (1).RTF” and “The Legendary Tales of Me (2).RTF”. The system will interpret this as two different books, but sharing similarity. This won’t work with Italics though. Only numerical inputs. Well, that about wraps up submission specifications.

Now, please imagine a serious voice for the next sentence. “Misuse of this system, or improper content sent to it WILL result in a ban, and will result in complete revoking of you as a player to the DOTC Staff and Game World.”


Now that this is out of the way, let’s get to it.

In Order to submit your in game story, book, tome, or whatever you’re writing you have to attach your RTF document to an email. When the MOB Detects it and informs the staff, you will receive rules which will contain the email where submissions are to be sent to. 

Once that’s done, your content will be processed by the system and once it’s completely processed and approved by it.

You’ll get your confirmation in the most satisfactory way possible. An In-game Correspondence Message, that will contain your text, word for word.

But remember, if the prior conditions aren’t met, and the text is inaccurate with your characters story-line. It won’t appear, and no message of confirmation will arrive, nor of denial. 

I hope your ready to become one of the greats in the world of D.O.T.C.

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