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Alpha Testing to Begin for Version 4 of DOTC

Finally, it works on Windows 10! After many months of secretly working, we finally have a stable version of the game client suitable for alpha testing. If you are a premium player and have visited our offices, we will be inviting you to participate in the Alpha Test.  Stay tuned. What is an Alpha Test? It is the FIRST test! Not normally intended for players to see, it is a prototype of the game — unstable, chock full of bugs, partial-working features, and terrifying mistakes. Only the bravest players who are interested in helping to test, find bugs, make suggestions, and help build the game should dare participate in the Alpha Test! It is not a complete game — we will be building it right under your... read more

Credit Cards are accepted now

Hi Defenders, This has been a long time due. Now you can use any credit or debit card to pay in the item mall. To pay with your card, in the item mall, make your selections, add to cart and in the checkout area, choose "Credit Card". Make sure your billing info is correct before submitting the order. Visa, MC, AmEx, and others are accepted. Soon, subscriptions will also accept cards, it just takes longer to implement.... read more

Oops, My Bad – Credits can now be used

Due to a huge oversight from the web team, yes – that’s me, the ability to use credits in the item mall was not available until today. Now, you can use your credit balance to pay for items that qualify in the mall. To do so, select the "pay with credits" option in the checkout page. The value of the item will also be shown in credits, If you do not have enough, it will be shown in red, your balance will also be shown. The rest of the process is the same as always and you will also have to wait for delivery of the order as usual. Sorry for this delay. ps. Roughly 1 Dollar is about 135 credits in... read more

March 10th Update – Requires Client Download + Highlights

Hi, The Updates for this month are scheduled for Tonight at 11:59pm Many changes will take place at that time with the most important being that you will need to download an updated client before being able to connect again. The server will go offline around 11:59pm for updates & configuration changes. Around that time the new links for the latest client will become available for download on the website. You need to un-install the old version of the client before installing the latest one. If not you will get C++ errors, not be able to connect, and much less receive updates. Release Highlights What’s new?! This time around we have added CRYSTAL MINES! A great place to gather all sorts of materials you can wish for. Crafters, Artisans and even a regular Defender will benefit from selling and trading. We also introduce the Defense Cleric, Cannon Champion and Spear Mage. Don’t forget to check out what’s new in Daisy Shopper and the Item Mall. For a full list:... read more

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