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For starters … Welcome to the Adventurer’s Plains. This city was established by the Great Kings of old.  It’s a small village but we handle licensing, just like that which you have attained. 

With your visitor license. There are still a small number of things that I would like to inform you about. But, let us begin with the following: “Your Rights as a new Visitor.”

The license you have attained gives you the right to bear arms throughout the lands. Along with this, you’re now officially certified to be as such. You’ve been provided with a Name Tag, that which is the identification over your head. People will refer to you as such. Think of it as your new name. Aside from this, you are also given the right to bear a badge. These badges belong to pertinent clans. All of which are smaller groups that make up our Kingdoms. Some of these Clans can play vital components to the kingdom, or be mandatory. The license comes with some standard gear. A small camera, and that MP3 Player. These are for your own amusement. Defenders are sometimes asked to use these cases are rare, but they come about every now and then. Keep this in mind. With the license, you can also join a Union. You are free to join the Brigade. But other unions will request more specific details from you, or request specialties. These of which you will have to learn as you go. This entitles you to defender training as well. That of which you can learn from books. Of which can be found and purchased in many places across the planet. Even here. You have also been provided a Handbook. The Defender Handbook. I suggest you read that well.

Do consider as well your ability to read and write. Many defenders read many things, but fail to document their learnings. We are to this day, still learning about these realms. Every bit helps. You may accomplish much, after all. But if you aren’t documented. You aren’t eternal.

Job Classes

Next … The Job Classes of the land. There are four job classes that you are now entitled to join amidst the Defender army. Should you so choose to join these of course. The Soldier, Hawker, Muse, and Dealer job classes. These do extend into further branches. So let us go over them for a brief moment.

The First Job Class; the Soldier, Knight, and Champion. Soldiers bear the heavy weight of conflict. Wearing heavy armors for better endurance. They can wield One Handed Blunt weapons, Shields and One Handed Swords. Or purpose themselves for heavier strikes. By wielding Two Handed Swords, Spears, or Two Handed Axes. Some have disciplined themselves to use Bowguns for long range encounters. Since soldiers are often entrenched in risky situations. They are best suited to be warriors with a particular philosophy. Courage, and the will to protect those behind them. They must hold no fear in their hearts, or be afraid to trudge forward. They must be willing to safeguard those who stand beside them and extend themselves. Because only through a soldier’s shield, can an army truly move. A soldier must be well disciplined, and diligent. He must follow the direct commands from his superiors and be consistent with his mates. They must be proficient and ensure their procedures run smoothly with others. A soldier must have a calm heart, and be willing to go through the strain of combat. A patient and steady soldier is the means to the ground that defines battle.

Soldiers that have completed a standard of endurance training, can become Knights. Knights are warriors who use their defensive power as their largest weapon. The Favored weapon for these kinds of soldiers are as follows: Bowguns, for long range encounters. One Handed Swords, for precision striking and close combat engagement. One Handed Blunt weapons, for striking power and fear implementation. And Shields, to be used as their main means of defense, or their surprise weapon. Although a Knight’s striking power may not be fierce, they are accurate and controlling. It is their job to control the pace of a battlefield, or their enemy. Their physical strength and defensive capabilities, allow them to deal with larger threats. Giving the opportunity for their comrades to move and act as they need to. When in groups, Knights can lead the pace of the battles, and are the first defense line. Some Knights use their energy manipulation to support those alongside them. In rare cases, to prevent incoming beat downs. Knights can use their energy manipulation to support and help defend others. Assuming of course, they manage to react in time.

A Soldier proficient in combat and striking power can advance to become a Champion. Champions are warriors who specialize their strikes and adapt their energy for such. Proficient at taking someone down immediately, or striking masses of enemies at once. Champions specialize in combat weapons that are wielded with both hands. Two Handed Swords, for precision cleaving strikes. Two Handed Spears, for raw potential to move and strike quickly. Two Handed Axes to cleave their way, or surprise and stun opponents. Cannons, to lay down suppressing fire, and Uplift those they fight with. Due to their use of heavy weaponry, Champions lack in blocking capabilities. They do not possess as much resistance as a Knight, or endurance. Champions are a powerful driving force, when coupled with their Knight Counterparts. As they are great with eliminating, and cutting their way through large enemy groups. In many scenarios as well, they can cleave their way through larger enemies. As their knight counterparts, focus on defending them from such enemies. Champions are strong morale boosters during battles, as they can uplift those around. Champions can also use their energy manipulation to focus their power on clearing areas. Using powerful wind strikes, or great earth slams to open paths. Aside from this, champions are also trained in the art of demoralization. Allowing them to jump into enemy groups, and demoralize them through fear and strength. Those are the basics of how Soldiers play their roles on the battlefield.

Now … Onto our next Job Class. The Muse Job class. Muses, unlike most other job clases. Focus on two alternatively different styles of combat. Regardless of this however, the defenders among us still refer to them as the same … Medics… The Main focus of all muses, regardless of their training, is their heavy energy control. They can use it in a variety of ways. From Supportive casting, to moralize and heal their comraders. To Offensive casting, to demoralize, or destroy their enemies. They use a variety of weapons, quite large to be precise. Wands to siphon and control energy more efficiently. Staffs to siphon and disperse energy, more efficiently. Off Hand Tools, which allow them to harness more energy. Spears, to simulate their groundings, but bear more damage on dispersal. One Handed Swords, to provide more accurate casts and dispersals. Shields, to protect themselves from incoming enemies. Muses specialize in maintaining sides of the field of combat controlled. Whether it be their enemies, or their allies.

Muses specialized at supportive use of energy can advance to becoming Clerics. Clerics specialize in maintaining the front line, and the others alive and safe. They uplift those about them, and aid the fighting spirit to further enhance performance. When in Groups, clerics are seen as the “Lifeline” of the combat effort. So it is always vital to keep them going strong in combat and protect them at all cost. In effectiveness of combat, Clerics are seen as inept. However, this myth can be quite incorrect, as Clerics can be summoners. A Summon can be efficient in controlling areas of combat, and fields to stop hostiles. This increases the Cleric’s supportive aid, by further decreasing the enemies on Knights. A Cleric has knowledge to use energy in the midst of combat to recover fallen allies. Allowing the balance of combat to be restored if the Cleric is quick enough with his feet.

A muse trained in offensive use of energy manipulation, can advance to a Mage. Mages practice their use of energy dispersal for high destructive influence on the field. In many scenarios, mage assaults are seen as heavy strikes, and they are demoralizing. Mages can break the enemy ranks, and instill a heavy fear, giving champions chances. Mages can also specialize in dispersing heavy energy bursts into single targets as well. Causing them to be hit and receive massive amounts of destructive force. Mages control many elements of nature to be used for combat or healing.

Now… Onto our next Job Class. The Hawker Job class. Hawkers are the quick mobilization, and striking force. Their emphasis, hit and run. Hawkers use a variety of weapons for combat; these being: Katars, for close quarters combat. Martial Arts techniques, for quick succession strikes and takedowns. Dual Swords, for encountering multiple threats and striking twice as hard. Bows, for the use of taking targets out with powerful range strikes. Crossbows, for prolonged range encounters, without risking close quarters damage. Hawkers overall, specialize with their movements and sneakiness. They can traverse fields faster than many others, in rare cases, faster than carts. They can also use a slower pace, and meld into their surroundings to move about silently. Their armors are usually lightweight, but they use their capacities to wield their arrows. In many cases, the molded lightweight armors are also used to move about. However, due to these same lightweight armors, and speed uses. They risk their defensive capacities, and rely more on dodging and weaving from danger. This makes a Hawkers dexterity pose as his most vital and most keen feat.

A hawker who trains himself more in the art of speed, and stealth, becomes a Raider. A keen warrior, who focuses his precision, battle sense, and skill in close combat. Trained with bobbing and weaving, Raiders can evade many enemy assaults. As well as dive into the dangers of combat, strike and dash on out. Raiders focus their training among the following weapons. Dual Blades, for tearing through their enemies. Katars, for quick precise and imminent strikes. Or their Martial Arts techniques, for one on one combat, and surprise takedowns. When in groups, Raiders are usually never seen amidst the frontline. This is due to their lack of defensive capacities. But they heavily contribute to fights, by striking, and making through enemy groups. Raiders are usually seen as eliminators of Priority targets. Because they allow themselves the space to move in, and eliminate such threats. All, without risking their essence of escape.

Hawkers who train and specialize in ranged combat, can advance to be Scouts. Scouts use one of two weapons for their combat prowess. Longbows, and Bows, for strong piercing damage and distant encounters. Crossbows, for less risky long to mid range encounters. For defensive purposes, scouts can use Shields alongside Crossbows to endure more. But, this will decrease their effectiveness in ranged combat. Scouts endure weight training, to carry around their large sets of arrows into battle. They wield a large variety of ammunition, which can affect their enemies diversely. Most scouts tend to favor Longbows, due to their range advantage over hostiles. While this gives them the edge against their enemies, when finally confronted. A scout is almost unable to withstand the strikes against them. Much like their counterparts, they are able to focus on dodging and weaving. But, this will throw off their accuracy in combat, and is not favored as such. Well trained scouts, can use their arrows to impact, and pierce enemy armor. Allowing their enemies to be struck and stunned by the impacts. Aside from this, Scouts can use snares to stump their enemies, and slow them down. In rare cases, scouts close the gaps between them and their hostiles, to deliver strikes. Sometimes, almost lethal.

Now… Onto our next Job Class. The Dealer job Class. Dealers are one of the most vital aspects to the defenders. They are smiths, traders, negotiators, combat support, and demolition experts in training. With the support of the military branches, dealers can call forth other warriors to fight. Allowing them to aid the combat, and bring other warriors to aid the front line. Dealers are proficient with several armaments. Guns, for long range encounters, and extended reach sniping. Launchers, for mid range combat, and heavy destructive force. Dual Pistols, for mid range combat, and quicker mobility. Shields and Bowguns, for silent operations. All of these weapons require weight and backpack training. As Dealers can carry a massive variety of ammunition for combat. Particularly used to swap between them for more increased effects in combat. Dealers can focus their efforts on many different kinds of smithing and crafting. From Alchemy, Armors, Weapons, Shields, Back Gear, Masks, and even Jewels. Above it all, Dealers can even emphasize on enhancing those same crafts they make.

Dealers who specialize in this particular field of crafting. They can train to become Artisans. A job class focused mainly on providing tools, items, and even handling explosives. They are trained in the art of destruction, and can even learn engineering. In rare cases, they even learn Reverse Engineering. In combat, they are capable of bringing out manipulated bullets. They can channel their energy into their attacks, allowing them to dish out toxins. These of which allow for quick escape, or suppression.

 Dealers who specialize in combat support however, can advance to Bourgeois. Bourgeois can dish out heavy sniper fire, or use cannon’s with heavy destructive force. With these tools at their disposal, and a good supply of trading, a Bourgeois can do a lot. They’re skills and earnings can even be used as weapons on their own. Bourgeois have to use their lightweight to their advantage, as they move and snipe. In cases of Cannon warriors, they focus their lightweight combat, in their attacks. Their proficiency with their weapons takes more place than that of their crafts. Thus, they do not focus as much in crafting or demolition. Rendering them a bit less skilled at such. But, still important for the battlefield and very dynamic.

Those are all of the Job Classes. I hope this information has been of aid. My name is Ronway, and I am here to help all Initiates.

Ronway: Defender Manager

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