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Recovered Texts: Shops, Criminals and Outbreak

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More than a month ago King Akram announced a ban to shops on items which were deemed harmful to the environment. This resulted in many items deemed harmful to not be allowed to be sold and in the consequences of the implementation of this law, many more items such as skill books, food and drinks were also banned from selling in shops.

“Akram created an unbalance in the market, by allowing only brick and mortar establishments such as the Arumics and Designers to  keep selling the banned items, they keep getting more money and their quality is dwindling, they have no competition now and if you want a better deal you have to go to another town.  This is a monopoly run by the locals” were the irate words of Ferrell who is a local and has always been on the side of the Defenders.

A monopoly waiting to happen could be the right words. As their seems to be no end in sight for the strike the defenders have declared on the lands of Junon by not opening the shops anymore while the locals keep selling.

In more detail, some time ago defenders requested an audience with Akram to discuss the unnecessary items banned from selling and were refused. Thus a strike is in effect until Akram meets with them or the ban is lifted, whichever comes first.

Lady Xita, of Xita Refuge was the one who started the uproar to ban such items. Xita claimed “Defenders have their own power and can move forward. These items that are being sold are just going to cause a dis balance with the creatures and natives of these lands. If we want to avoid another Dragon War, we better stop selling such harmful materials.”

Last to be interviewed were the Asian Wargear Company which sells in Canyon City of Zant which commented. “We are joining the strike, it is unfair that locals have no restrictions and we do, until the ban is lifted we are going back to earth, we are business people and until we can make business, we have no business being here. We will let the economy call us back”.

The strike is clearly in effect, many have gone back to Earth via the Adventure Plain Birth Gate, or have engaged on other activities simply leaving the selling to locals. Those that have joined the strike have not touched their inventories at all simply waiting.

The effect is already being felt.  Locals have limited selling capacity as they rely on manufacturing the items themselves from the available resources.  Shops on the other hand have items found on the lands away from the cities, many items are battle rewards or crafted by skilled dealers. These items cannot possibly be found with the locals as they rarely venture out, and the rare items they buy are not sold.

Defenders are relying on the locals mostly for what they cannot make themselves and using the items won in battle while the ban is lifted. Small shops are seen but rarely, this is because the sellers have few items and sell upon request.

What about banned items?  A black market does exist, this is mostly run by the Defenders themselves which hold such items for friends or to recruit clan members.  Secret trades can be made in select locations away from the cities, but beware. As soon as King Akram heard rumors of this, he ordered the Akram Rangers to patrol the lands and requested his soldiers to pose as buyers and investigate any suspicious activity.

As such the black market for banned items has declined, this is mostly because of the investigation of the Black Mask Clan which still remains unaccused.  

In summary, the strike is still on, the sellers are holding their inventory, and the economy is affected already.  Akram is feeling the pressure already but supported by Xita keeps steadfast on his decision.

DaisyShopper leader of the strike had this to say. “Every shop that has opened up since the strike has been harassed by the rangers and eventually joins us. If this keeps up, the black market will not be controllable. There simply are not enough rangers to do the job.”

According to our interviews and the way the strike is shaping up, you can expect prices to be high when the ban is lifted, Shops will be making up for lost time and zuly.  If you are waiting for those dearly desired skills, save your zuly as you will need deep pockets to get them


Minascos, Defender of Eldeon, states that the Blood Charms are weapons of mass destruction and should be destroyed. Xita along with her followers marched to Junon Polis and entered into Akrams throne, demanding for something to be done. Akram has now completely banned the selling and trading of Blood Charms. Most defenders who have blood charms may use them, but they must not sell nor trade them. Sikuku Prison has been empty for a while and he now looks for Blood Charm addicts to imprison.

War Gear and Criminals

With Great enthusiasm War Gear has worked this past week. Wang and Huang established this small business in Zant, and then moved on to the Adventurer’s Plain.  War Gear has become the talk of all businesses and traders. They have swept the economy of The Planet of Junon to a whole new degree.  War Gear has become the success of the Planet, making 8,000,000 in their first week, refining and selling weapons and armor of powerful proportions. Some believe that their success is based on the recent thefts around the kingdom.

Search for the criminals

Righteous Crusaders stood in a hearing with Akram to decide the fate of the thieves. Righteous Crusaders pointed finger, stating “The Ferrell Guild has been watching to get their hands on our gems since they were founded.” Other Crusaders stated seeing the Fallen Six, near their facilities. After the conversations and arguments it was thought of one person, Cristal Annex. Krusa stated that Cristal seems to be the only sneaky defender, barely speaks and is always alone. Items that were reported to be missing were a crate full of Gems and Stones, a crate full of Masks and Stones. Defenders are to be on the lookout for these items and are told to report all of their finings, and suspicious characters.

As the Righteous Crusaders searched in El Verloon Desert they located the research center empty. Arumic T porters have disappeared once more. Krusa went to speak to Arumic who didn’t give any explanation, nor comment about the matter. Crusaders have begun to search the areas to find out why the sudden disappearance. Meanwhile, most of their efforts have gone to finding their missing items.

Black Mask

The Clan that just appeared, BlackMasks, made by the Vladek Family have been spotted with Pink Opals in their Black Masks. Joshuan, investigated and located the thieves trading with Ke and suspect that those are same Pink Opals that the Rightoues Crusaders are missing. Later on, Joshuan spotted zad with Topaz Stones and giving away Opals to Vladek, leader of the Vladek Family. Vladek began to spread out and give these Opals and masks to whoever who will follow him. For the sake of our beloved Rightoues Crusaders thats always been their for us, we should find their missing gems. Crime should not be tolerated by any individual or group of individuals.

Righteous Crusaders are on the case and Akram Rangers have been placed to guard these areas. Beware these Rangers are told to attack anyone who tries to enter the area.  Arumic Researchers have begun to talk with Akram Kingdom’s Defenders and have revealed that the facility was under the control of Arumic himself who was following orders from Sikuku. Arumics claim that several of the researchers were evacuated because of the Dragon War.

Some Villagers are pickpockets, scam artists, and thieves. But, most are hard working businessmen that are just trying to make a good honest living. They typically carry valuable items which are sought after by the monsters and demons. Unfortunately in many cases, this leads to the murder of the Villagers. In such cases, the law asks defenders to defend the Villagers until their bodies have gone to heaven, at which time their most valuable possessions will drop to the ground.

These valuables are what the monsters and demons are after, the Defenders brave enough to protect these villagers may claim the valuables for themselves.

Trial and Scam

The Goblin King and his people have decided to no longer hold business with the Humans. They have said that humans are a disloyal creation. The Goblin King’s screams were heard all over Adventure Plain as he found out of Shadow’s scam against him. As of now Goblin Cave is off limits to defenders. Throughout the War Council the Goblin Cave was a very important part of our economy. King Gob was good enough to trade with us even though his people don’t want us around. But recent trade and commerce with Shadow of the Legend Clan, have left him without any winnings. The Goblin King stated as he met with Akram “Shadow took my resources and sold them for higher prices. He completely disregarded our agreement. Only Dealers who really needed items should have bought from me. I fell for his trick and now you shall all pay the price.” When Shadow, Delmar and Sirius scouted the Entrance of the Goblin Cave, the Goblin’s Trap fell and they almost lost their lives. This is the Goblin King’s barricade to not let trading occur between Humans and Goblins. Some Races have been looking up to the Goblin’s Revolution and have adopted some of their ways. Soon after Shadow Demicci was accused of assaulting an Akram Ranger.

Shadow’s Trial

Sikuku, the warden of the Sikuku underground prison, prosecuted Shadow with the full intention of proving him guilty. He cross-examined Scylar, Renegade, and Zerokool as witnesses. Each revealed new twists and turns in the case. Scylar’s cross-examination revealed that his summonings appear to look the same as mercenaries of Akram. He also admitted to giving permission to Shadow whom asks to train these summoning s for fun.

Renegade’s cross-examination revealed that he does not trust Shadow and believes him to know too much. He stated that demons have in the past been able to summon. However, the summonings of these demons did not take the form of mercenaries, and it is also confirmed that those few Demons are currently sealed away. “Most demons summon fiends anyway…”.

Zerokool also brought a good point to the trial. He suggested that Shadow may simply have been exercising his right to self defense and attacked the possible enemy before he could get attacked.

Kootech acted as Shadow’s lawyer at the commencement of the trial; however he then turned the job over to PRican seeing as how he needed to return to . PRican, however, could not continue his duty for long and also needed to return to , leaving Shadow to defend himself as his own lawyer.

After all final statements, the honorable judge Akram was approached by the legendary GuildMaster Ferrell, whom offered some wise and kind words on Shadows behalf. This concluded the trial. His majesty Akram had passed judgment.

Trial and Scam

Shadow was found guilty for the crime of assaulting a Mercenary that protects the peace of the Akram Kingdom and scamming the Goblins. A crime punishable by exile, however Akram acknowledged that Shadow did indeed make a mistake and has learned from it. Also in return for his many services to the Kingdom, he received a lesser sentence of 24 hours in prison and a demotion.

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