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Recovered Texts: Second Principality War

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Public Meeting

Here is the public disclosure of the latest assembly meeting.

Topaz: We have here the representatives of the Xitan people, Eucarians, Helhounds, Letron, Junonians, Scylar, Ferrel Guild, Ferrel and Akram, of all citizens, the Defenders,

Kiel, lokito, PRican, New Defenders, Our Guards, etc.

I assure you are all looking at the Fallen Six with disgust or fear. Yesterday we defeated the Demon Stranger. I am sure we are all happy he is gone. We are turned into what we see here.

One at a time.

Topaz-Many don’t believe we did the right thing, but I think we did. Since the assembly and the council of Junon were formed, we had one opposition, Stranger. When we decided to deal with this matter, it became near impossible. Then we saw 2 solutions, use the legendary weapons to defeat Stranger use what the Fallen Six gathered. Even though we had the solution of getting the legendary weapons, it became nearly impossible for one of our own, Joshuan, created a rebelion and began to steal all the legendary weapons, making it impossible to find them. When this happened, the only solution was to use the power or the Eight Wandering Demons. Now we need a fast solution for peace, and here we are. We did what we needed to do for peace. We put our lives on the line to save the kingdom from strangers and we suceeded. We had our consequences, of course, which we will try to pay and solve. Here we stand before the assembly, as heroes. Now, will the assembly accept us?

Last meeting we talked about the issues, One of those was Stranger. And you all agreed to let us finish him up. It was put to vote and you agreed to let the Helhounds and the Fallen Six defeat Stranger. So we did, just as you requested. We kept our word and protected the kingdom. Now we face another threat: rumors of War.

Kiel:  Ladies & gentlemen of the assembly. The Fallen have been empowered with the strength of these demons. We can see that. They claim they can control them, but, control doesn’t last forever. We must take affirmative action, instead of beakering about the dangers they impose to the kingdom if control is lost. We should work together to find a solution in order to free their bodies. The Fallen have done us a great service over the past. Although their methods have been questionable, they have always delivered. Now, they need our help. Please take what I have said unto consideration.

Emerald: It has come upon me a concern that was given to me by Light. He feels like the only ones getting the credit for defeating Stranger falls upon the Fallen.

Topaz: We are, after all, the ones that sealed him.

Emerald:  True, but I’m taking this time and place to give them my sincere thanks.

PRican:  I don’t think I have anything to say right now, except for the fact that you can’t be given full trust yet. Yesterday you were different for you brought chaos toward Zant. This may happen again. It’s all a game of chances. We need a sure way to help you and, after we deal with your problem, you can be trusted again.

Travis: I trust the Fallen. Sik (Sikuku) is like a father to me. I know I am weak.. Before I did not trust the Fallen but I trust them now. We deserve some credit because we broke our backs to be accepted. I helped defeat Lenux and Stranger. I have been here a long time, and I’m sorry for ever doubting the Fallen.

Light: On behalf of my clan, Blink, Cyborg, and I, we all think trust is something you have to gain. And the Fallen have lost all of my clan’s trust. The original and the new Fallen have struck us down. So, we believe, trust is something you are loosing as we speak. And I will never trust you again. We will always have our eyes on you.

Topaz: We the Fallen Six fought for your rights to still be a defender. Quest specifically fought for you and I trusted him completely. This man right here is Quest, now Ruby. The one who stood for you. Your clan was forged by our friendship. Those weapons, who gave them to you? Testament & Blink, you are blades of Oblivion. You are part of Raisco’s clan. Raisco is Garnet. Blink, Testament & Light, how many times have we helped you? how many times have we gotten items for you? Raisco was the one that stood their for your clan all the time. Garnet is the leader. We helped you start and we will keep on helping you until the end. Quest, Sylar, Raisco, Letron: We are the Fallen Six. We help you at every moment. And you must know this, which is why you stay silent, unlike Blink and Testament. Now you need to know one thing: Light is your leader, no matter how you picture it, he stands for all of you. As Letron stands for the Helhound and Andrew stands for the Celestial Guards, etc. 

Saphire: We did not plan any of this, it just happened. The thing is, now we have to deal with it. If the people accept us, we can help. We are still the same, just more powerful than before. If you trust, we can lead this kingdom to peace. But we need your help. That is why we are here right now, to solve this pathetic problem.

Topaz: Concerning this trust, how many years have we fought to defend this kingdom. Have we not been here since the begining. We were former cross defenders and former angel guards, formal heroes, we fought to defeat Aura together with Akram, Kiel, Xita, Raknu, Ferrel & Eucar. We formed the Fallen Six and sealed countless demons. We fought to defeat the master demons Shairos & Kairos. And we fought to defeat Stranger. When we speak of trust, how can we trust you PRican. You fought against the principality of Junon, defeated my men and fought against what you knew was right. Kiel, how can we trust you? You betrayed the King Akram in his rules. You betrayed Junon. But did we, the Fallen Six, turn you down? Did we turn any of you down? Don’t we keep fighting by your side? Did we or did we not take you in when no one else would Kiel? Did we or did we not accept PRican into the council of Junon? Even though you defeated our men. This is not about trust but discrimination. Because trust goes both ways. Now, will you trust us? We, the Fallen Six, made one mistake, and you throw us out? I defend many places you still can’t reach. We stop attacks before they get here.

Ferrell: It comes to me as a surprise what I just heard. I am here sitting down, listening to this and have been hit with the longest Dejavu ever. You see, if anyone had asked for my opinion when you guys decided that the best course of action was this one, I would have screamed and left for earth all over again. You see, you have let yourselves be possesed and, once you open the door, legions come in. Don’t you know this. It’s in The Book. Topaz said he can control it and others agree, but from what I heard yesterday, that is not true. You see, they are eating away from within. They are like a bad virus, like AIDS. They will take you over. Or, Am I wrong? Can you Topaz let the person speak again? I ask, can you step down and let the human in there speak? I bet not. You see, all of you have heard a voice here. But what voice are you hearing? The voice of the possesed or of the possesee? Or in SG Talk, the Ghoul or the Host? And if I may point out, I specifically mentioned Ghoul not Tocra. Now, seriously,we have heard here a long list of deeds.  These deeds were by your host, our old selves, those you possesed. These are not your deed, you are only using their memories as a way to convince us and let us accept you. You see people, they know what is in the mind of the possesed, they will remember you and what you did yesterday. But they are still the controllers. Kiel, it sounds like speculation but I have seen this before. Why, and I ask, didn’t Akaram and me were consulted on this? Let me say this. If you come to ignore yesterday and wait for another “mistake” to happen it will be too late. Stop it by depossesing them, throw yourselves to the pigs. I know what you are going to say. You are going to say you need full power, full disclosure, full control; and once you get all that, then we have no defense. Let’s hear him speak and his proposal. But before you go into a voting frenzy, think this over. If six people have the power to defeat Stranger, what happens if those six take control?

Ikaness: I say we make a team. One of our strongest with one of the Fallen and we make another group of willing explorers to help search for the cure. We just need to keep an eye on them and warn us if something goes wrong. We need to monitor their activities. The team is going to make us stronger if we work together.

Topaz: Now my proposal. We are the Fallen Six. We vowed to bring peace to the kingdom. We know ways to stop this. But we need the help of the Legendary Seven and the Angel Guards. Their is only two ways to stop this. One of them, risk our lives. First we fight the demons inside us using the help of the Legendary Seven, we can seal the demon but we might die in the processs. If we die, who will keep the peace? The second one is, that we get the dragon spear. But the only person that can get it has to be the King and right now we have no King. We have the Assembly. And only the king can get the assembly. It is the only way or we die. Now you decide which of these two will it be.

We are unable to transcribe further as the floor was overrun by accusing parties and a dispute broke out with Topaz and Akram regarding leadership.

Second Principality War

The decision of Akram and Ferrell is clear, attack and destroy the demons of the land. The Demons Topaz, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Sapphire and Ruby have taken over the bodies of the Legendary Fallen Six. Following the Defeat of Stranger, the Fallen Six have declared that they will use their powers to destroy all the Demons that are against the Human Race. After their declaration Akram and Ferrell refused their offer insulting the Assembly of Junon, stating that it was just affront for the people. Akram said that their plan was to take over the Kingdom. So it began, the second Principality war.

They placed one of the Fallen Six in the Magic City of Eucar, The Xita Refuge, Junon Polis, Canyon City of Zant, Breezy Hills and Desert of the Dead. When they stood as governors in each location they exiled Eucar, Xita and Raknu off the Akram Kingdom. All brave leaders of the former Akram Kingdom have joined together to fight the Principality. While the fighting was taking place the Akram Rangers found Ferrell Storage house ransacked. In this location something else was discovered, the bodies of Annunnaki and Sirius. Alive they were escorted back to the Adventurer’s plain. In this location Akram and the CelestialGuard help them recover from the injuries caused by Renegade

Tides of War

Kim Kelly: Ferrell whats going on, how do you feel.

Ferrell: I have very little information to give you, I feel very tired, I hate all this running around and all this fighting, I hate having to fight, and I am definitely too old for this. My muscle’s hurt, my body aches and I haven’t had a good meal in days.

KK: Ferrell, now that you are the highest leader of Akram’s army, is it true that you plan to become King.

F: What, are you crazy, Why does the media always want to put words into people’s mouths. I am no King, I will be no king and I am not even a General. Solice and Joshuan are, their forces are the heroes here.

KK: But it is rumored that you are behind all the strategy in the battles fought.

F: The startegy I do not make, I simply execute it.

KK: Then who is making the strategy.

F: GOD. We follow his will.

KK: Isn’t this a bit fanatic?

F: No, I don’t think so, I still have my free will, I chose to follow him. Try and leave one of those demons and you’ll see. Testament is no more because he chose the wrong side, and he still fought against us. While the defenders remain blind to these demons, they wil still be strong.

KK: Is that why you target defenders in battle.

F: Precisely, If they choose to fight with them, I have no choice.

KK: And, can I see the leveler gun?

F: No, what makes you think there is such a gun.

KK: And what is your strategy now.

F: So far we have been lucky, we have 2 demons sealed, never to return, That was easy, we indentified their nemesis and were able to target them. Others will not be so easy as some of their nemesis are their allies and we can’t convince them to ally. Plus, they will not fall to the same traps again, they are not dumb. We have weakened them but certainly not defeated them. I am sorry for those who have fallen on our side and those innoncent defenders which were simply blind to them and are no more. That is why I plea to those undecided and the allies of the Ds to join us and help eradicate them. Plus there are other things at work, but I wil not disclose them.

KK: What about Akram?

F: I have no comment.

At which time he turns and leaves. It is unclear of Testamnet’s demise as it is said happened deep in Demon territory, We reported earlier of other bodies found which are unclear as well. I noticed he put his RP-911 gun back in its pack when asked about the leveler gun but, all I could see was a green gem on the gunsight. He says he is tired, but as he walks away, I see a very confident businessman, cook and warrior walk away. If there was a sunset here, he would have probably walked towards it.

On other news, Emerald was turned last night and garnet was finally sealed. The enemy did indeed make a hard blow on Akrmas forces by defeating Cofresi.

Cofresi is the latest casualty of this war which has already costs the lives of Testament and Eucar.

After War Events

The struggle is finally over!! The new demons disguised as the principality have fallen to akram’s forces and to the legendary 7. All the things we did finally paid off. Each of the demons were successfully sealed thanks to all the hard work and dedication of the army. but it isn’t all joy… We also lost many people on the battle. Testament, Cofressi, Cristal, S ylar, Sikuku, Raisco, Quest, Kami, and many others. Their sacrifice wont be in vain. Peace is coming back to the kingdom and all as one will try our best to maintain it.

On Some other news rumor has spread of Raisco still being alive. It has yet to be proven but many believe he is hiding under the roof of Ikaness, who is watching Ferrell’s movements closely. Further information of the Fallen Six fugitive Raisco should be informed to Krusa, The Righteous Crusader.

The bacteria of the Consumable Plague have been located. After months of searching the defenders Oratelb, Yukimura, Chaos, Mag and Kiel have brought forth twenty five Mysterious Fruits that descended from Eldeon Planet. One of these fruits contained the Consumly Bacteria (also know as the Consumable Plague). Akram Rangers, Righteous Crusaders and Arumic Researchers have finally discovered the source of this man made plague. Akram and Krusa have given orders to all available citizens to find out information concerning the spread of the plague. They are also instructed to find out who spread it and for what reason. The guilty party of this Brutal Disease will be trialed and sentence to life imprisonment.

After a week with no information, orders are to apprehend the guilty party and sentence them along with who ever assist them to life in prison.

Spero claims that the Consumable Plague was a mutation of the Devil pest Plague. He also states that creating a cure for the Consumable Plague won’t assure a cure for the Devil Pest that has infected the life of the planets. 

There has been an invasion of shops appearing in Zant, in an attempt to profit from Spero’s disapearance. These shops have been causing inflation in zant, meaning the value of zulie has dropped. The new adventurers don’t have the money to buy these weapons and ammo, and this causes the Dealer Job in general to lose new recruites and plumit drasticly.

Tanairi was spotted searching for materials in Spero’s Shop. As soon as it was known all defenders and reporters began questioning the young assistant. The beautiful assistant then revealed crucial information. She stated “The Project is to create a weapon that will help with the current infestation of Demons. Defenders need a new weapon that will give them an edge over the Demons pure physical strength. Spero’s Project is to create a powerful new invention purely for the defense against Demons such as Anansi.” After her statement thousands ask for the location of Spero but as she boarded the Flying Vessel she refused to comment on his where about.

In the planet of Junon information concerning the Consumable Plague has been uncovered. Shingo and the Shugotenshi, SeathCross have led the investigation to find the people responsible for the spreading of the plague. Kootech, the Sealer of Topaz, fought a very interesting individual named Mbere. In his fight Mbere informed him who were Patient Zero. Patient Zeros were the Ikaness Miners. These Ikaness miners were ordered by the former AngelGuard , Ikaness, to mine for minerals such as Crystal Hearts. It appears that they were infected in Eldeon and came to Junon infecting the citizens. The exact cause of this plague is still unknown, but the carriers have been located. Records given by Xita show that 10 Ikaness Miners are located in the Planet of Junon. Krusa has given the okay to find these miners and apprehend them. Akram wishes for more information because he refuses to accept that Ikaness is responsible for this. Many defenders blame Ikaness and have begun rioting in order for Ikaness to be sentenced to Sikuku Prison.

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