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Raid Zones

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As you explore the world of Defenders of the Cross you may run into areas that automatically kick you out after you’ve entered them. These maps are known by the community as Raid Zones, and referred to ingame as Restricted Zones. These locations are maps that, for one reason or another, are not under the control of the main organization, or have their access restricted. Some examples (but not all) of these types of reasons are:

-A Headquarters of an enemy organization or hostile force.
-A Currently contested war zone.
-Areas designated as restricted access by the authorities.

A common term these areas go by is Raid Zones; put simply, these are the maps you can’t just walk into, access to them must be granted by the M.O.B. The most common way to gain entry to a Raid Zone is with a permit. Permits are handed out by NPCs of the Major Unions such as the Brigade, the Guild, the Order or the Faction. Once attained, they are handed in to Guards that stand at the entrances of these locations. Trying to enter these zones without a permit or some other sort of access will typically get you kicked out, as previously mentioned. 

Let’s understand a little more of the permits. A permit is a document that allows a clan or party to enter a Raid Zone. As mentioned earlier, they are given by the Unions when you receive a campaign. This campaign will serve as your reason for going into a Raid Zone.  As a defender if you wish to enter a Raid Zone, your character must have a storyline reason to enter a restricted zone. Once you have determined this purpose (picked up the campaign), you and the defenders present will receive those permits as long as they verbally confirm they are taking up this task. These permits can then be used at any time in order to enter these locations and carry out your purpose. If you run out of permits but still require more to get it done, you must return to the Union that handles the type of work you are carrying out. But for the second round (and onwards) of permit handouts, a Clan Master or Deputy needs to be present. The Union that hands out the permits for the task, can only hand out additional permits if they are vouched for by a Clan Master / Deputy and reported back to properly with some measure of progress.

Once received, a permit does not need to be used immediately, you may carry it around and make plans for the upcoming raid. You have 7 days to use the permit before it automatically expires, leaving your inventory. When the Permit is handed into the NPC, it expires. Even if it was handed it by accident, or if multiple permits were handed in to the NPC. Keeping in mind, after receiving this permit, you have a long time to properly prepare for the Raid you are going to undertake. Receiving the permit is the time to prepare for the raid zone, you must prepare beforehand. Preparation is important since, after asking for a Permit and continuously failing without demonstrating progress, the NPC may refuse to hand out additional permits.

Plan accordingly and do whatever preparations you need before heading out to the raid. Once in front of the Raid Zone access gate, there will be a small Prototype Gear near the entrance. Walk up to it and hand over the permit using the M.G.P. System, or as most players will refer to it, the /prize system. In the case of the Prototype Gear, inputting the command /prize 1 will hand it in, and the raid zone’s gate will unlock for a window of time.

List of Raid Zones (Places you need permits):

-Goblin Cave
-Pomic Colony
-Woopie Cavern
-Cave of Ulverick
-Golem Cave
-Oblivion Temple
-Forgotten Temple
-Sikuku Prison
-Sikuku Ruins
-Underwater City
-Eldeon Mountains

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