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This is an ascension based combat location where players are thrown into the fray to fight hordes of enemies as they make their way to the very end, where the last 4 rooms hold the most valuable experience rates, and the most space for competition among players. Those who take the very top, can claim to lay waste to the 6 Bosses that await for them there.

NOTE: To defeat all 6 Bosses the players will suffer the grueling experience of getting to the top and STAYING at the top. The bosses and their might are not even alone! As they come accompanied by their personal sentries of protection. An important reminder as well is that currently, RESPAWNS ARE BUGGED in the Premmy Gauntlet. If you fall in these maps there is no way to respawn as no window pops up to do so. You will have to relog if you get taken down in the gauntlet and don’t have anyone to revive you nearby.

Lastly: The MOB will pick up on players grueling through the gauntlet, and see it as self training. Players in the gauntlet aren’t able to start interactions, but they are indeed seen as if they were going through training by the storyline. Gamp, serves as the NPC that will send word to the Brigade or other individuals of your chosen alliance, informing them of your progress and prowess in battle. (Prowess in battle just means level).

The most important thing to remember is that the Premmy Gauntlet is NOT a “STORYLINE” situation. The most you can say as a Role Player is that you were training.

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