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Hawker Job Class

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Welcome Initiate,


    Welcome to the lands, I’m Hawker, one of the former Angel Guards and creator of the Hawker Job Class. I fought many battles and faced off against creatures, demons and even hard headed humans. I remember that during my time, I spent a lot of hard work learning beside my brother, Soldi. While he excelled in his defense and attack, I trained myself to be lighter, move faster and more accurately. My quick style fighting moves soon became a sensation in the lands, everyone wanted to learn how to manage katars, knuckles, bows, bow guns and dual weapons as well as I. The idea never reached my mind until one day, it hit me like a mace. I could teach new warriors and heroes my techniques and set forth a wave of fighting styles.


    Join the Defender Army and work hard to join the Hawker Job Class, best of the best. We are adventurers and explorers of the lands, we fight great battles and do missions that no other job class can manage. We are the best, the strongest and the fastest warriors in the lands. The Righteous Crusaders, Junon Order and Ikaness Guild support us economically and will surely sell my books, with techniques and skills for all you new Hawkers, just make sure to read them.


After you mastered my teaching, two great warriors can help you further reach new heights. These are Intercep and Raisco, who have began teaching other on the Raider and Scout Disciplines.


“First In, Last Out”




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