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Defender Text: Born Aruan v.2

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This is an extended and edited version of my original book titled “Born Aruan, raised Aruan”. This is for the public Library.

When you think about that phrase, if you’re one of those defenders, you wouldn’t normally think twice about it. For those born outside that kingdom, you’ll understand the meaning behind it. 

I was born and raised Aruan. I used to be quite the cheerful kid, fought for what I believed was right, moved from one Battalion to the next. I was able to learn almost every detail of my comrades and their intentions. My first few days as a defender were carried out with Alkaia, Kieuseru, Isis, Leef and Luchenzio, all from the Zodiac Battalion. My Job class? I was a hawker, with the goal of becoming a scout. In less than a week, I met Arua. “Hello there, my child” her first words towards me. Our Goddess was glorious. She was who we bowed down to, we went to war for her, we worked for her, we used to drink in her name. That is though, what we were raised to do and to believe. But then things changed. I became more serious by the day, saw my comrades die in mass, and my hands…washed with blood. Since day one we were fighting the Goblins and Aquas, and I never sat down to ask myself why. While we were defending Gorge of Silence from the Goblins, I remember General Orc’s words ‘Meat shields!’. Something had clicked in my mind, but I had let it pass.

The Goddess of love, as she calls herself. As she raises us all to believe. Forcing everyone to become Aruan from the moment they step on her lands. It is part of my life, part of my story. Born Aruan, raised Aruan. A cruel and evil world to step in. The manipulation done to Humans, natives and Defenders to the core. A cruel and evil world to be raised in. And so, the story I want to tell is mine. One of many out there to tell. 

My life shifted once I met Kentauros, one of the mortal enemies of Arua. I was drawn to him, chased him to find answers. I didn’t understand why we had orders to kill him. In simpler words, I was confused. He was kind, he was caring. Why was he our enemy? Truth be told, I believe he saw my confusion. We would often meet in the Forest of Wisdom. Most of the time, we would rush in to talk to each other and leave as quickly as possible. We were enemies after all. But our innocence and our pure heart brought us together.

I started having feelings for him, you could say it was ‘forbidden’. I believe he did too. But my fear made me do things I regret to this day. Sylvos, Dromis, Promethins and Trazeren. They all used me and I used them. The way they raised us, made us forget what Love is. Love for friendship, family, someone or something. It became a game.

But then he revealed the one thing I feared for my entire life. He said it. I was consumed in fear and doubt. 

Our Goddess, a Demon?

My ignorance got the best of me, I feared them and I thought I couldn’t escape them. I couldn’t join the Akram Kingdom, and I wasn’t able to become a ‘rebel’ without being chased down. I was scared. I still remember that day, the day they promoted me to become a General in the Aruan Reign. He had shouted for me, silently

I remember that day so clear, meeting eyes with Calypso, my fear, nervousness eating me. All of the defenders cheered for me, shouting in between Kentauros own shouts. I wish those Defenders knew the truth…but I was too late.
Kentauros words still echo in my head to this day. “I feel safe around you.”. Every time I go to The Forest of Wisdom, I hear his words.

Then, I became General Fairy.

Everything about my true self got lost in there. She controlled me to some degree. I bowed to do everything in the name of Arua. I became a joke, careless General. 

Days after that passed like the dry sand between your fingers. 

-Mag’s Death

It was a well known factor that the Akram Kingdom was the true and real enemy of the Aruans from the very start of my childhood. They were ‘Demons’, as stated by Arua herself. After I became a General, I carried out many tasks for the reign but she constantly reminded us not to forget about the Akram remnants. 

One day I made one of my usual Nymph Battalion games. Treasure Hunt. It was one of the few things we would do as a battalion to ‘have fun’. We’ll sometimes find equipment, perhaps rare things or materials. We usually carried this out with Echo, one of the Nymph Demons. We’ll use our beasts to track around and dig. Gigglelotz and myself went out with Echo and decided to go to Anima Lake. We ended up in a specific spot where we found a lock hidden in between the grass. Gigglelotz wasn’t actually with us when we found it, so it was General Fairy alongside Echo. Both of us actually went in, finding a hidden camp and realized it was the Akram’s. But we didn’t know if it was abandoned or not, though it seemed recently used. 

Knowing it was an order to kill the Akram Kingdom, we made sure not to leave any tracks behind. I got myself a lock to replace the old one, and even had a key with me to open it up again. 

Some time after, the Aruans were fighting in the Forest of Wisdom, trying to find Mag. I hadn’t shared my knowledge of the hideout. I stared at the spot from afar in Anima Lake, and I decided to do it. Right as I moved towards it, I came face to face with Deathscar. I didn’t want to do it alone, and I ended up dragging him into it. I remember we moved through the hideout with quiet steps, and there she was. Her back facing us. She was sitting on a chair, relaxed, with no fear. 

A little voice inside my head said not to do it.

But I did.

-Arumic’s Death 

You could see atop the Shrine, Arumic’s head clinging. It is hard to describe how you feel when you witness a scene like that. The Defenders were all cheering, celebrating around you. But all you felt was emptiness, and Athena…you wished she had been sealed right there and then. But I remembered Mag’s death, and that made me believe I wasn’t any better than her.

Athena had slain Arumic just like I did Mag. We were not different. She made sure to show her power through his death though; cut his head in the most gruesome way, adorning the Shrine with it.

Weeks after that day, were all about Athena. Arumic was forgotten just like that by us…and emptiness still lingers.

-Tana’s Death 

I had woken up, done my normal strolls across Junon planet. I ended up in the Capital City, wanting to buy some arrows before I left to Lunar planet. But right as I stepped foot on the Capital City’s stone floor, I heard a commotion and many residents surrounding the fountain in the middle; and there she was, the body of Tana. She was dead, burned to a crisp. On her neck was a sign that read ‘Tainted’. I didn’t know much about Tana back then, but whatever she had done, a display like that was pure evil and cruel, and all I saw around me was fear.  The Goddess of love, huh?

I remember several times when Tana confronted Arua in her chambers. Arua would wait until she left to say horrible things. It is what she did after all Defenders left the room. 

-Goblin’s Slaughter

A time in my life that haunted me more than Arua herself. The slaughter of the Goblins that I alone had caused. The Zika massacre. That’s what everyone called it. It was a nickname I had for many years. The screams of help coming from that cave after I alone sent the Demons to ‘take care of the problem’ cannot be described. I could take years writing books of what I did to those natives but it will never be enough to ease the pain I feel now for them.

There is nothing that can be done to fix what I did, or to bring back the lives I took. But now it is up to me to just do and help those needed, those who suffered because of my actions.

-Arua: “This is to raise morale on these pathetic humans

I woke up every day, startled from my nightmares. Unending nightmares. Arumic’s head, Tana’s burnt body, the Goblin Cave and Mag’s back. I always went to sleep knowing I would wake up in the morning from those images. I was tired, I had eye bags, little energy to do much. A General meeting was called one day, and as I stared at the ground inside those chambers, my mind just went blank. Arua’s voice echoed, fading away slowly. “This is to raise morale on these pathetic humans.” Why was I here? Why do I feel so alone? Why doesn’t anyone hear the loud screams inside my head? I understood then. Fear is why I am here. Fear is why The People are here. “Kill them, kill them all, I don’t care what you do with them!” Fear is what she wants, Fear is what gives her power. Fear is her power.

From the very moment you’re born into that Reign, you’re taught Fear. If you were to leave the battalions, you’ll be chased down. If you raised your voice to a General, you’ll be punished. Everything was about control. They ‘undertrained us’. They contained us, kept us stupid. They didn’t even let us learn about the past Kingdoms or information about the Akram Kingdom. Everything was censored, and we were so innocent that we didn’t realize on time. Even if you were a ‘true’ Aruan, you’ll all be kept in a way where Demons would be superior to any of us. We were used and manipulated. Consumed. 

She feasted on our souls. This reign was purely dark, chaotic and evil from the very core.


I fought alongside Calypso for quite some time now, a hopeless dream alongside my demon and out of everyone I was with at the time, she listened to me and she was the one who knew me the best. By the months, I would feel as if I fall deeper into sorrow from deep within, but somehow she kept me on my feet. She was my best friend.

Believe it or not, Calypso and I created one of the strongest bonds you can imagine between a Demon and a Defender. At some point, I looked up to her. Not quite literally though. She helped me through hard times, defended me, even protected me from harm’s way. I also helped her. Did what I could to protect her, even from Arua. 

There was a time when she asked me if I wanted to run away. This was after days of constant beating from Arua. The ‘Goddess’ would toss us around the Chambers, hit us until we couldn’t speak. This was all happening too fast, and I was even noticing the reign crumbling slowly. I did my best to help Calypso realize what was going on.  I told her not to fear Arua, but sadly, she misinterpreted. She stopped fearing Arua there, and started respecting her fully. Claiming her full loyalty. 

It was then when I realized I let myself go entirely.

I felt alone. Even with Calypso. I trusted, and I had hoped.

After some time, I did my final stroll with her, or so I thought it was my final stroll, in the Forest of Wisdom. “All I’ve done is for you and the Goddess. Nothing for myself.” I gave up in life, or so I thought I gave up. I thought there wasn’t anything else I could do, I was stuck with a Demon. “Perhaps the thought of us ruling together was but a dream then.” Those were her last words to me. She was there, listening to me, listening to me in my last moments. I gave my last breath- 

and then I woke up.

I saw Chelsie and Carasia staring at me in disbelief. Where am I? I looked down at my hands, I looked around me. I was alive. Had Calypso spared me? She did. The bond between us couldn’t be denied. Is it possible for a Demon to feel emotions? I truly believed that out of all Demons I’ve encountered, Calypso did. She let me live, she let me be free. 

-Calypso saw through me.

Not long after we separated, she was looking for a new Legionnaire. But we would always end up finding each other on the outskirts of the towns. I remember one of her first questions towards me. Calypso saw through me on all my answers. “Why did you choose to satisfy our people, instead of your own intents.” “Trazeren, Promethins, none of them mattered as much. Did they?” My answer was simple, I serve you and the Goddess. Her reply, was deeper, that is a lie. She knew me, she knew me deep down and I also knew her. Our bond could not be denied. She was my best friend, perhaps even my mother figure. But I couldn’t deny that she was a Demon. Her energy was evil, and there was nothing that could change that fact. Nothing that could bring out the best friend I wanted to keep.


In the end, after countless weeks and encounters with Calypso, I made a choice. I looked at Gigglelotz, my sister, even if we were not blood related. I didn’t want her to become a slave. I didn’t want her to suffer as much as I was. I didn’t tell anyone how I felt, and ended up taking Calypso back. A truly sad ending to my freedom back then, but I was determined. Many thoughts ran through my head. I knew how to lie and pretend, thanks to Arua, and I used it all along to my advantage. Calypso will go down with me no matter what it takes. At that moment, I saw a hint of a bright light in the end.

-Guliarme, Ameerah and Kentauros.

My mind was so clouded before that event, I hadn’t thought about the brighter parts of my life. I wasn’t alone, I truly wasn’t. Guliarme, he would occasionally bring me food or sweets. I hadn’t given it much thought before but I realized then that he had done so much, perhaps even as a  ‘hang in there’. He saw through me as much as Calypso did, and he helped me even with those small actions. He knew and he cared. Ameerah, even with my flaws and my dark past, she was there to show me unconditional love. I would always think that she was just complimenting me, and that was it. But that wasn’t it, she cared about me, she saw when I was feeling down and she also saw when I needed someone to pull my spirits up. Kentauros, even if he was from another kingdom, even if I wasn’t able to see him every day, he was always out there. He cared, he loved and he was himself. He was my hint of hope. Guliarme, Ameerah and Kentauros. Those three names I will always hold close to my heart. It was thanks to them that I saw a brighter future ahead of me. The one thing that does hurt is the fact that each one of them died while I was away, resting. I never asked the details of how they all died but, in the end, it doesn’t matter how they died, but who they were and what they left behind. Hope.

-Last moments with Calypso.

Although I’m not giving all the details, what matters is what happened on my last fight alongside Calypso. Many weeks of chasing after the demon Gloopy, our last event happened in the Jungle of Eldeon. I was fighting him alongside Colossus, and blood kept spilling here and there. That Demon was strong, and annoying too. But I was determined to take him down, to seal him. I was also determined to seal Calypso. 

I think nobody would believe me when I say that I let Gloopy take me down. I wasn’t thinking I was going to come out of it alive, but I wanted her to be sealed and the only way I was able to do it at that time, was through that other Demon who hated the living life out of me. But I understood there, right when I felt Gloopy piercing through my chest. I had given my life away for these demons. But…in that fight, there were some good things, and a miracle. I let Calypso be taken down, sealed. Some minutes after I was on the ground while Calypso was fading away,  Puck took Gloopy down ‘avenging his Queen Calypso’,  and sometime after, Puck as well, was sealed. Three in one. And I, Virus, I had survived.



Once again, I had survived. Calypso was gone, for good now. But even with that, I was mourning her. I had lost yet another part of me. But it had to be done. I remember when everything went black after Gloopy did what he did. But I could still hear her voice. It was weird to describe, I could see her figure at the end and I was trying to reach out but I was stuck in place. Her voice echoed, she kept repeating “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Virus”, Over and over. And I too wanted to apologize, but nothing came out – then I woke up. I woke up to find out I had lost my aura too. I’ve come to accept that everything in life has its consequences and there I was, with mine. I was given two choices, either I retired or I submitted myself to an experiment. 

I didn’t want part of either. If I retired, I would not be able to fight the demons and help the people. If I did the experiment, there was a chance I would suffer a painful death in the process. So, I decided to find a natural cure. There had to be one.

Oh boy, the journey I went through to get to the top. My past came back constantly, Zika, murders I had committed, death’s I had witnessed, and most importantly how I had given my life away for the Demons. How I lost my humanity in the process even after knowing the truth. The lies I told the other Defenders, the things I did for that monster.

 Some didn’t want to help me, even after beginning. Now in the present, I’m glad they didn’t.

Ikaness was one of the first people I went to for help. He was an angel guard after all, and a man of resources. I asked him if he had any ideas as to how I could be fixed. His answer broke me. You retire or you could go back to Arua. It was hard to hear those words, and I kept hearing them left and right through my journey. I even asked Est. She straight up told me she wasn’t going to help me. The only one who tried to help me from the start was Dakanobskab, my good friend. I’m actually glad Ikaness and Est didn’t give me an answer for my cure. Even Dakanobskab tried everything but it didn’t bring quick results. Again, to this day I thank God that nobody gave me an answer from the get go. 

But I’m glad I learned about these things like I did. Perhaps if I had known from the start, I wouldn’t be the same person, fighting for peace and unity. I regretted everything I had done in the past and I was able to see everything from the bottom. I could see the constant political battles, the tricks, the manipulation done by the Demons. I was able to see the suffering from the people, the silent screams from the natives. Everyone was suffering, everyone had lost hope. People needed someone, anyone, to bring back hope. The people needed someone to help them, even if it’s just with food. I understood, and as the days passed, I let go of my fear. My determination made me strong, even without my Aura. I had hope, hope for myself and hope for everyone around me. I knew I needed to do something and the people and natives needed this too. I knew first hand what it feels like not having an Aura. The constant pressure and fear of this day being your last. Not like Defenders, where they know they can jump into a fight and actually make it out even after being taken down over 10 times. Those out there without Auras are there once, and when we grow up as Defenders, we don’t know this. We don’t understand, we don’t sympathize. 

Through my journey, I was given the Tome of Repentance by Riduath some time after I lost my aura, and after going through it, I understood once again. I kept learning, I kept growing, I kept building myself up. I was slowly coming together in this hard journey. I even faced a really big Astarot called Pinnen, without my Aura. It was pretty scary I’ve got to admit. But I came out of it, and asked myself more questions, feeding myself with more knowledge and understanding. I even remember a General meeting with Ikaness in the Marsh. They were speaking of confidential things, and I was asked to scout around. Little did I know I was going to be face to face with a Moss Golem. I think even Ikaness had to change his pants after that one. 

Somewhere in between my journey I  heard her voice again. I heard Calypso’s voice. “Farewell, Fairy Queen.”

That was our true farewell…that was the last bit of her still left in me. And then I bid her farewell, and I kept growing. I will never go back to my old ways. I take this as an opportunity for a better, brighter future. That one hint of light I want everyone to feel.

-Marsh and its people.

While I worked on my Aura, I would find myself constantly going to the Marsh of Ghosts, the home of the Ikaness people. I found friends, family and love there. Perhaps some might not see it, but the unity I saw there almost brought me to my knees. It was and still is what gave me true strength. I have made good friends there, people I admire as much as I admire Dakanobskab. I was welcomed with open arms. I did my best to push them, to keep that unity between them. Marsh and its people became my second home. I couldn’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done. They were the main reason why I decided I will fight till the end for the people.

Many times we had fun in between the hard times, even had them blast music through the intercom, and a silly Ikaness dancing by the distance. I had many conversations that brought me to tears, many meaningful moments that kept me going harder and stronger by the day. Who would have thought that all I needed was there, what I call true home. A small marsh where you constantly hear machinery, and exposed barracks for you to sleep in. Where ents, sprigs and duts live right out there. It might not sound lovely, but it was all I needed and all I wanted.


This was the last event from my recovery.  I remember running to find Est with Zeke. I wanted to thank her for not telling me anything about what was happening to me. I was able to learn everything little by little. But when we found her, to my surprise, she had done it on purpose. She wanted me to learn on my own and to grow on my own. She told us everything we needed to know then. Yes, we. Zeke as well was taught some new things alongside me. We were both determined to fight for good at that very moment. We learned about the Holy, we understood what it all meant, what life meant and what our purpose as Defenders meant. She said a name that I never heard of before, Jesus Christ. Although… I did hear it once from a person who was half-high.

She told me to pick a day for a ceremony. A ceremony I later learned was called a baptism, one which you can say is made as a cleansing of your body and soul. Your past sins are forgiven, and you’re given a new chance in life. But it’s not an easy ceremony like some may think. It takes a process which not many can perform, and it can only be performed on those who truly repent of their past sins, those who learn and choose to become better. 

She brought me down those Astarot stairs in the Mountains, and in between the pine trees and snow, I saw many bonfires lined up as if letting me know where to head to. I came face to face with a small cold body of water. Bonfires surrounded it and at the end you could see both Est and Regina waiting for me. Regina herself was surprised to see me there. Seemed she didn’t know I was the one to be baptized.

Even Emil was around, protecting the entrance to where I was being baptized. All of this was being done while I was still under Aruan Badge. If anyone were to find out, I would had been hunted down by everyone then. 

I remember they welcomed me with open arms, asked me if I fully understood, if I opened my heart once and for all. I repented. She told me to step in the freezing waters and as I did, I stopped breathing for a bit. It was too cold, but I had endured and cold water wasn’t going to make me run. In the end, she told me to submerge completely into the water. That moment was intense, it’s not easy to just lay in those waters, but from inside the water, I could hear Est saying things. She was praying. Every single sentence felt like electricity going through my body, and out of nowhere, the water felt warm. I looked up and there was intense bright light coming down from the skies. It was like nothing I had ever seen or felt before. This cannot be described as a simple act. It was a miracle. It was Jesus Christ.

At that very moment, I closed my eyes and repented. I asked for forgiveness. I bowed down to be a better me. To fight for the people. To be the very best Defender I could be. I repented of my past sins. 

And with that said, I was forgiven by God. I was cleansed of my past sins and reborn. Given a new chance in life to fix all that I had wronged. I wasn’t gonna let them down. I bowed down to taking this opportunity to be a warrior of God. I am his warrior, I will fight to protect the people, the natives, peace and freedom. 

The Baptism, the ceremony that turned my life around and cleansed my soul, brought my Aura back to perfect condition. I was reborn and I was determined the moment I finally gave my first breath out of the waters.


Many things transpired after I got my aura back. I kept it a secret for weeks. Only the people I trusted the most knew about it. I kept going to Marsh over and over. I saw things others didn’t there. While I kept my Aura fix a secret, some political matters rose. Ikaness had sent us out to find the murderer of his ikaness staff. In our investigation, with only a few defenders he trusted, we found that this had been a political fight from under the rug done by the Aruans, to strip Ikaness slowly of power. This was one of my first moves to prepare for a rebellion. Ikaness, knew all along that the Aruans were doing things against him, but he wanted us Defenders to find out on our own. Immediately after telling us, Ikaness pulled his assets out of the Aruan Reign. The Aruans were actually not prepared for this, and went into panic. Ikaness had pulled out all his assets. This included storages, shops…basically most things the Defenders care about the most. Even before what Ikaness did, the citizens were talking about how they were in poverty. Heed the call. The Aruans didn’t care whatsoever. I even heard them blame everything on him, as if he had to do everything for everyone. They wanted Ikaness to fix their problem, and he had enough. 

I kept my focus on the people then, and did some things on the side to help Ikaness. 

A General Meeting was called forth the moment Ikaness left, and I was asked if I knew anything about it. Little did anyone know, he had declared war from the very start. But I didn’t tell them that. I smoothed it out and said he just pulled his assets until things are resolved. I was actually giving him time to prepare. I knew where this was going from the very start.

Some days after that though, things got worse. I went over to Marsh, a normal stroll, and I came face to face with Ikaness. He was completely geared up and ready to fight. The entire place had Heavy Gears set up, fighters up and ready. It was the official start of the war. He then asked me right there that Athena did something that triggered the war officially. He asked me to leave and go home. But I refused.

I took this opportunity and joined him. I didn’t want to keep fighting under the Aruan Badge.

Right then, he told me to get other Defenders. My first choice was actually Luchenzia. She had said many times that she was loyal to Lord Ikaness. I took the risk and asked her, and she immediately agreed. The other one was Mana. She was by heart, a rebel. I later found out she wanted revenge for Tana. I caught her walking through Refuge and asked her if she wanted to join. I told her the truth and she…simply agreed. It was a great risk with her, but she wanted out of the control the Aruans had over her.

That’s the first three, Mana, Luchenzia and me. It was a pretty scary experience. We were stuck in Marsh of Ghosts. A kill box at the entrance to the marsh kinda kept us safe. Days after that made us stronger and brighter. We learned the ways of the planet, and even used tactics we learned as Aruans, against them. Recon, ambush, raiding, demoralization, infiltration and conquest. Slowly but surely, more defenders joined. Things were not as easy as it sounds though. The Aruans tried to starve us. They guarded their food stocks right outside at Shady. They would guard the entrance to Marsh and kept us contained. Athena kept asking us to turn ourselves over, but we shouldn’t give up that easily. We made tunnels to cross the lands, stole food for the people there in Marsh. Even allied with Rikz and Rikx brothers. They helped us many times to get food. We took intel from the aruans, used distraction tactics quite often. One day, we were bombarded by Athena with the vessel…she brought all the defenders to the Marsh to beat us up. We were there in the barracks, where we slept, bleeding out. Old comrades that followed a Demon even after we told them the truth. The beating lasted quite awhile, they kept taking us down over and over there on our beds. Ikaness was injured because of one of the blasts from the Vessel…at that very moment I wondered if I did the right thing for these Defenders, or if I had brought them into their grave. But Athena pulled back, she did that to show us a ‘lesson’. I then asked the Defenders there with me…including Gwyn who had joined in a leap of faith. He had heeded the call. I asked them if they really wanted to fight this, or if they wanted to leave and go back. But their response surprised me. They all answered that they were not turning back, and they all wanted to keep fighting them. Their response gave me stronger hope for this fight. We were truly united, all of us. Including the people who allied to us in that fight.

Unity, to bring together the wisdom, experience and might from all walks of life. To protect and ensure that peace endures among the planets. Though we may have different pasts, traditions and cultures, we stand united among this common goal of peace and prosperity.”


Empyrean, the clan created with the sole purpose of bringing unity. To bring the chaotic Demons to their knees. We had won the push of the Aruans from planet Eldeon. We fought to the very end, and won. The Ikaness people, the Sikukus, the Sprigs, the Defenders. Humans, Natives and Defenders, all together. It wasn’t an easy fight, though. We kept pushing them as much as they pushed us. But we didn’t give up. We found ways to sneak around, tunnels. We got help from Rikz and Rikx to get food. We battled restlessly against Rowyll, a Hebarnian witch which later made a treaty with us, in which we’ll let her do her thing, while she lets us do ours. We helped change the mind of a cannibal. He wanted food, and we provided. Xemnas, one of the defenders who joined us through the mayhem in Eldeon, was able to tame an Alpha Tigris named Xyro. We did so many things, too many to count with my hands alone.

This fight in Eldeon was only the start of what was to come.

I learned that Luchenzio, an Aruan General that battled as a host of Demon Dagda, had made plans to go against Arua with Ikaness. He, in a way, helped set things in place for us to battle properly from Eldeon. Had Ikaness prepare just at the perfect time. 

But with great victories come great struggles. One of the things the Original Empyreans hold onto the most is the loss of Drakarus, the host of Leo. He was not giving up on the fight against us, and he was one who brought many of the Defenders together. He gave jobs to many natives and humans. Fed what he could. He was a great human being deep within. The day we took Refuge out of Aruan grasp, I battled him. It was intense. On one of the Refuge mountains, I saw Leo. He was talking to himself…well, it seemed as if he was speaking to Leo, or perhaps himself. I took him down, but he didn’t fight back. He lay dead on the ground as if waiting for me to take him out. His last words, “You were so beautiful…”. To this day I feel like he was speaking to himself…

He was later buried under what we call now the Drakon Tree, located in Marsh of Ghosts.

All of us cried that day. We had won the push of the aruans from planet Eldeon, but we also lost a lot, including a soul which many called their friend. Someone they trusted.

I thought I could save him, I honestly thought I could seal the Demon and release Drakarus, but I wasn’t able to.

Deep down, Empyreans grew stronger because of things like this. Things that brought us together. There was nothing that could break our bond at those times. Through the sorrow, pain, strength, weakness…we were united. We pay respect to all the lives lost in these battles, and bow down to fight in their name for the years to come. 

We are not done.

-The Empyrean Vitalia.

The irony of the Destroyer Vessel, a vessel made while I was General Fairy. One I had named the Vitalia, meaning ‘Full of Life’. While I was under the Aruan banner still, The Akram Kingdom destroyed that vessel, I pretended to be in sorrow, but truly, I was happy they did back then. That Aruan Vessel was going to cause chaos and death among many innocent people as it was going to be used in a campaign of invasion on other planets, for Arua. But this section is not about that vessel, but more about the vessel later used by the Empyreans. The Empyrean Vitalia. The Empyreans decided to work on a vessel after Certus, one of our engineers, brought the idea forth. Ikaness himself gave us the suggestion of naming it ‘Vitalia’, and I laughed when I heard it. Because it was fitting. That name was fitting to the moment, the hope the people have. It is full of life, and that vessel was used to save lives and to destroy the Demons.

That vessel lasted many months. It helped us during the war in Junon, and helped us at the beginning of our war in Lunar. Sadly, the vessel was consumed by the aruan demon vessel, the Argo. But I’m proud of how long it lasted, and how much we did with it. The Vessel lived through.

– Ikaness.

I remember the day I met Ikaness. I was inside the Chambers with Arua, and that man walked to us without a care in the world. You could stare at him in the eyes and not even for a second did he show fear. A Demon Lord and a Demon General, both inside a dark room with no one to hear his screams. Why in the world was this man here? Bravery.

Ikaness pushed me to be who I am.

 One day he had arrived to the Faction in Capital City alongside many Defenders to treat a heavy wound, I later found out he had caused it himself after…he detonated his castle gear along with him. He was bleeding, pale face, a hand holding his heaviest wound on the side of his torso. Right behind him was Demon General Leo, and Legionnaire Deathscar. I saw right through those two and the strength Ikaness had in his eyes even if he was half dead. I couldn’t just watch, I had been a Demon General before.  I took my chance, and I asked Chelsie if I could help care for Ikaness’s wounds. And so, I did. His condition was shortly stabilized soon after, and Chelsie continued working on his wounds. 

He showed me bravery, weakness, strength, and determination. Thanks to him, along with many others, I did not fear anymore. Even the fear I had to love again, all buried deep down in the ground. He has a dark past, he lost too much. But there he was, fighting and working for his people. Determined to make things work.

Some things transpired between us which I questioned, though, but these things will always come to light at the right time. Not that many people know, but the day we successfully pushed the Aruans out of Eldeon, we found out Ikaness and Raisco had made a deal without including me or the Defenders that were there. I felt betrayed at first. Refuge and Shady Jungle were both given out to Raisco. This helped Raisco slowly become Emperor, and Ikaness gained control of the Unions of this new empire. But as time passed I realized that it was for the best that they took those positions. I don’t believe they did it the correct way, but the truth is, I’m here to be a warrior for God. To unite, and to protect the people. I’m not here to play into the political matters they have. But I will make sure that the people are always put first.

I changed this texts since they will be given to the library for public use, gave as much detail as I could of the events that most impacted my life. But when it comes to Ikaness, everything that happened between us should stay between us. The reason why I still wanted to show a bit of this section, was because I’ve realized thanks to him, that the library needs to be brought back to its best shape. Knowledge is truly power, and without it, we would all be repeating history over and over.

Defenders, humans, natives, do the best you can to write down all the knowledge you hold. In the end, none of us are immortal and we should do our best to pass on what we can to the next generations to come.

I’ll focus now on teaching the word of God to those who wish to listen. There’s more to life than some would understand. God, energy of light and my faith. Demons, energy of darkness and my enemies. Our purpose as Defenders, our Aura. Love, Life, Death.

Doesn’t matter how things shift now, if things look like they’re going downhill, if peace is not there yet…we truly NEED to stay together. We need to fight through all our flaws and whatever goals each person has. All those who wish to fight the Demon menace,  should keep doing so for years to come, even when our comrades fall, even if I myself fall in battle. Never, ever lose hope.

Keep trying.

Whatever background you come from, whatever you do, Human, Native or Defender. Fight for peace, fight for freedom. The heroes, the good, they will always triumph.


In memory of Luchenzia, Mana,  Azrael and all those who fought alongside us.

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