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What is an Artisan?

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Introduction to the Artisan Class


The Artisan is the crafting oriented class that comes from the Dealer. They get the “Advanced” version of the crafts a normal Dealer gets, allowing them to make even high level weapons and armors with the bonus stats that a Dealer would. They also gain access to crafts that are exclusive to Artisans, such as Gems and PAT parts.


With a focus on crafting, Artisans prioritize increasing their Concentration stat above all else. Not only does it increase crafting success chance, but is also increases the attack power of Guns, their primary means of self defense should the need ever arise.


So what do we mean when we say the Advanced versions of the Dealer crafts? The regular versions of Reinforced, Endowed, Hardened, Darkened, Balanced, Enchanted, Alchemy and Sub item Crafts can only craft items up to a certain level. For the higher level items, their Advanced counterparts are needed. Artisans also gain access to crafts such as Gem Cutting, which lets them craft Gems with which to improve equipment; and PAT Craft, which allows the crafting of Cart parts and Castle Gear components.


Outside of crafting, Artisans do obtain some combat abilities in the form of Poison Shot and Hypno Shot, which damage and apply status effects to their targets and nearby hostile units. They also can hire tough Mercenaries known as Terror Knights to aid them in combat. Their Alchemy Craft also allows them to make a variety of Grenades and Explosives, which can be used to damage and inflict different afflictions to enemies.

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