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What is a Bourgeois?

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Introduction to the Bourgeois Class


The Bourgeois is the combat-centric job class that stems from the Dealer. They forego further developing their crafting abilities in exchange for specializations in using either Guns or Launchers. Although they do not have the crafting prowess of Artisans, they are still experts of economy, this is reflected in their access to passives that can increase the amount of money they make off of sales and improve their drop rates so that they are the best at gathering raw materials.


As ranged fighters, their primary stat is Concentration, increasing damage dealt with their weapons and improving their accuracy. Depending on their weapon of choice, they choose different secondaries. Gun wielders tend to focus more on Sense as their secondary stat, while Cannon wielders tend to focus on Strength as a secondary.


Bourgeois that choose to focus on Gun combat gain access to several attacks with different utilities. Some of their techniques use their own funds as empowerment, such as Zulie Stun and Zulie Storm. They also obtain single target attacks such as Zulie Bolt and Poison Shot. Gun users also gain access to a Reflector buff which redirects damage thrown their way back at their senders, making them among the best ranged duelists around.


Cannon Bourgeois choose to take a slower-firing weapon with devastating damage instead the barrage of weaker strikes that a Gun typically does. The weapon techniques of the Cannon are powerful crowd control abilities that deal damage around the target hit by it, thinning out the masses of enemies like few others can. Attacks like Shrapnel Burst and Cannon Splash Burst lay siege on their enemies, which can send enemy aggro their way. Being more exposed to the front lines than a Gun Bourgeois, Cannon wielders also tend to have higher defense thanks to their Strength stat. To further help the survivability of Cannon wielders, they have the technique Dual Layer which offers a boost to their defenses for when they come under return fire.

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