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What is a Cleric?

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Introduction to the Cleric Job Class


The Cleric is one of the 2nd job classes to come from the Muse Job Class. They are good at healing, supporting their allies through buffs or summons, and can bring fallen defenders back on their feet. Although they do focus on helping their allies fight, that does not mean clerics are defenseless, as a matter of fact, high level clerics are among the most durable combatants in the game so as you become a stronger cleric do not be afraid to defend yourself.


Clerics have more powerful versions of a Muse’s healing techniques such as such as Heavenly Grace, which is a more powerful single target heal. They also have buffs which increase stats that a regular muse cannot, such as buffs to Attack Speed, Critical Hit Rate, Dodge Rate and a more powerful buff to Attack Power. In addition to attack power, the Cleric Discipline can increase damage dealt, which will stack with the previously mentioned buff which will allow their allies to considerably hurt their opponents.


Clerics also get several summons which they can bring forth to aid in battle, they can call upon an bulky Elemental to help take hits from the enemy, a Firegon to aid in attacking, and two different types of “Flames,” Energy Flame and Salamander Flame, which help keep the front line supported.


Clerics also have several passives which improve Block Rate, Defense and Magic Resistance, so that they can endure the attacks of enemies that wish to focus them down. Dragon Skin and Mystic Armor passively increase your defenses, for example.


Should a Cleric need to defend themselves, they do have techniques such as Energy Wave and Voltage Storm, which can serve as deterrents to enemies that think you are defenseless. Furthermore, as you increase in level, the auto attacks of your wand, aided by your massive intelligence stat and its magic damage nature, can seriously put a dent into some targets.

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