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What is a Mage?

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Introduction to the Mage Job Class


The Mage is the offensive 2nd job class that comes from the Muse Job Class. Their weapon of choice is the staff, and their primary stat is Intelligence. Mages have a variety of offensive energy techniques whose secondary effects tend to be based on their elements. We will go over the elements of the Mage Discipline below.


Fire techniques, such as Energy Burn and Magfire, inflict damage over time and can weaken an opponent’s defenses. Ice techniques, such as Glaciating Chill and Permafrost Chill, can slow and cripple an opponent. Lightning techniques, such as Arumic Shock and Lemming’s Bolt stun their targets. Wind techniques, such as Hurricane and Sikuku Gale, tend to affect multiple targets in an area.


Mages can choose to develop their skill trees based on which effects they which to inflict on their opponents during battle. They concentrate on intelligence to maximize their damage, and eventually into concentration to make sure their energy attacks connect. Strength to increase their survivability in combat.


High level Mages tend to either dip into more than one element to apply a variety of effects on their opponents, or invest heavily into one element to become specialized fighters. As you develop the skill tree, you can choose which one of these styles sounds best for you.

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