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Perhaps the saddest defeat in history was the Massacre of the Death Desert. After Arua’s Defeat, Junon formed the Akram Kingdom. This Kingdom was to maintain the peace in the lands and fight for what was right. Leaving Akram as King, Junon took the role as his adviser. It began with the appearance of the Demon of Ice. This gave the Angel Guards a new mission, defeat her. While they were in their journey to defeat her, Kiel got married to a beautiful woman. During the celebration of his marriage it was interrupted with an attack of the Seven Ice Generals. Here they took Kiel’s wife captive. Bent on revenge and her safety Kiel, Letron, Kami, Sylar, Renegade and Raisco went off in pursuit. They arrived to a Large Labyrinth Temple, Arua’s Temple.

They didn’t manage to rescue her and were forced to get back to the Magic City of Eucar where the Angel Guards awaited for them. Kiel spoke to Junon, and told them that they should attack as fast as possible. Eldeon lead the charge as the Angel Guards went to defeat the Demon of Ice and her minions. Sadly it went as Lunar expected, it was an ambush. Since a while ago Junon had suspected a spy amongst the ranks, but never any evidence was found. After their humiliating defeat the 15 Angel Guards retreated back to the City of Junon Polis. Feeling weak Junon decided to give his sword to a young boy he had been raising, Joshuan. He then set on on a voyage to find the true power that God gave him. Knowing he will need a guide in his journey, Lunar went with him. Eldeon, knowing that together they could do anything quietly followed them into t heir Journey of Enlightenment. The Cross Defender Army was left behind in charge of the lands, with Akram as king.

Soon news got to them that the Ice Demon Army was regrouping in Arua’s Desert. Expecting an attack Letron set up his men, then Sikuku came with an idea. “Let’s attack them before they come to us!” After a day of deliberation the War Council agreed to the order and the Cross Defender Army began their march towards the desert. Lead by the Angel Guards all Cross Defenders believed victory would be achieved. When face against the Ice Demon Army, the Cross Defenders fought to the best of their abilities. How can you defeat an enemy that never dies? That was the question in everyone’s head. The Angel Guards could seal these Demons, but the Cross Defender Army could not. Time and time again Champ would strike down a Demon and again he would stand up and keep fighting. Kentauros would slice up opponents yet they would not fall. Kreuz would bash over their heads and the Demons just kept rising up. Aquilia’s arrows could would not take them down. The Cross Defenders large numbers were no match for the Demon Army. After hours if not days of combat, the battle ended. Only 30 Cross Defenders and the Angel Guards survived the end of the battle, watching how the whole Ice Demon Army entered the Demon Portal and disappear in thin air.

This battle affected all Cross Defenders in unimaginable ways. Traumatic states of mind affected all who were there. Some handled it well and decided to use their knowledge to help others, some drowned themselves in producing economy and others handled it the worst way possible. This is the point in which Job Classes, Guilds, Factions and the new army, The Defender Army, was formed.