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In the year 314 A.D a married couple received a dream, a vision of “in hoc signo vinces”. Their dream showed them being the silent and watchful guardians of the Christian Churches of . As they awoke they set forth to talk with the Emperor of , Constantine. In his presence they asked for funds and equipment in order to do what God wants, protect the church. Constantine granted them supplies and so began the birth of the Cross Family. Sons, after Sons would be trained to fight Extremist, Pagans, Demons and Antagonist that went against the . Silently hidden away from the people they protected, the Cross Family began their secret defense against all sorts of Abominations.

Since their birth the Cross Family Members are trained in Body, Soul and Mind to fight all sorts of beast that arise to go against the Church. Their bodies are trained to surpass any fighter from sia, Arab , Eu and even those within their own lands. Generations and Generations would follow this type of training and protect the church. Soon they began to lead the Crusades and after a while became perhaps the most powerful warriors in history.

An Era that hurt the Cross Family was the Protestant Reformation. Ma Lut and his ideals on how the Catholic Church was doing wrong shattered the Cross Family. They doubted what they were doing and for who, the family had split in half. One half believed that all infidels should be crushed and that the Cath urch was correct. The other half decided to side with the Protestants and began to protect them from the other Cross. The two sides fought each other constantly again and again in a war that lasted 20 years.

Soon two brothers saw the wrong in there fighting themselves. They began to try and form a bond between the two halves. Since they began their war all sorts of problems arose against the Christians once more and they were not properly defending the church. After much trying the Cross family united once more and as time progressed they became the Cross Family.

During the World Wars the Cross Family became part of several military groups and dedicated themselves to the rescue of Christian, Jews and captive of war. Defending like so the Religion from the holocaust and the . Soon they spread across the world and they defended Christianity in diverse locations.

When the Discovery of the Birth Gate sent the Pioneers to be the first in a new land, Longinus Cross became one of those ready to go to the new land. When he met Luxem, he was amazed to see a prea and decided to protect him with his life. Luxem soon told him that all his families’ hard work will pay off in the new lands. Grasping this Promise Longinus Cross became the patriarch of the Cross Family in the new planets that were soon discovered. Soon he made the Longinus Force to protect the settlements of the Pioneers.

Years past by and more Noble Families came to live in the new planet. Longinus then lead these nobles and built the first Aristocratic Settlement, Gorge Town. Sadly when Arua gained control and began to burst out in the conquest for the planet, Longinus Cross came to his end in her hands leaving Sliver Cross as the patriarch and leader of the Gorge Town.

The following events of several Cross Family members has caused them to be under much prejudice. Some of their most notable members are buried in the Luxem Tower as heroes of legend. Longinus Cross, Slilver Cross, Seath Cross, Fenrir Cross, Vladimir Cross, Gold Cross and Alchemis Cross.