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Recovered Texts: Jaguar Aquillia

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Name: Aquillia

Titles: The

Place of Origin:Canyon City

First Accomplishment:Jaguar Squad

Group Affiliations:Cross Defender, Akram Kingdom, Jaguar Squad

Residence:Xita Refuge

Job Class: Cross Defender

Legendary Hero:When the spark of the Zantian War, the destruction of the Canyon City, Aquillia seeked refuge in the Windmill Town. Here he took a vow to go back to his home, and bury his brother and sisters who died during the battle. Knowing it was going to be hard he trained day in and day out in the arts of scouting. His movements were swift and precise and his weapon of choice became the bow. His quick combat style with the bow landed him to be one of the best archers of the Cross Defenders. He did accomplish his goal and fell in love with Maiya, another great archer of the Cross Defenders. Training together with Fidelio he formed the Jaguar Squad and lead special stealth operations for the Akram Kingdom. Sadly in one operation in Arua’s Desert his newly wed wife died and Aquillia retired. Depressed it took him a few years until he got back on his feet and started helping King Akram on the fight against the remaining Aruans.


Aquillia was raised in the Canyon City, where he spend most of his time hunting with his father. When the Arua’s Talisman Battalion attacked the Canyon City, Aquillia was out hunting when they got ambushed. His father stood fighting against them as the son escaped, sadly Aquillia was left without his father.

When the Fairy Battalion began their attack, Aquillia was forced to retreat towards the Windmill Town. Never did he see the destruction of the Canyon City, but his determination to avenge his father drove him to train day in and day out in combat. He was able to put the fighting into practice when he faced off against the raiders in the Windmill Town.  As time progressed he increased his dexterity and was able to throw hundreds of arrows in minutes.

He continued his training, and missed his chance to join the Angel Guards. After Junon’s visit Akram, Letron and Kiel decided to continue Zant’s dream, and formed the Cross Defender Army. Aquillia quickly took the opportunity and joined them, moving forward with his vengeful thoughts. During this time he met a beautiful warrior, named Maiya, which he would soon start developing feelings for. Aided by her, he lead the destruction of the Breezy Temple. He continued to fight hard and explore his feelings for Maiya, by the end of the Zantian War he decided to propose to Maiya and get married.

The Akram Kingdom was forged and a new enemy threaten the Cross Defenders, the Demon of Ice. This war began the day the Ice Demons attacked Kiel’s wedding and captured the bride. Much persistence came from the hero, Kiel and soon the Angel Guards launched an assault in the Arua’s Temple. After days, the Angel Guards came back in defeat. Struck by their failure Junon, Lunar and Eldeon headed out to gather their power and come back stronger. 

After their departure the Akram Kingdom’s Council met up to discuss the matter. When Kiel’s bride appeared and reported that the Ice Demon Army was all stationed in Arua’s Desert, Sikuku pushed the council to start an operation. Akram ordered the Jaguar Squad to inspect the desert as Letron and Kiel stationed the Cross Defender Army in the Desert Town. 

Finding out that the enemy was in fact residing in the Desert, the Cross Defender began their attack. The Battle became the grounds of a horrible Massacre, that lead to the death of Aquillia’s wife Maiya. Destroyed by her death, he laid down his bow and retired from the battlefield. Entering a state of depression he spent his days in the Valley of Luxem Tower remembering and struggling to move forward without her. 

When the Republic of Eldeon came to power, the Demon Generals of Arua began attempts to form a new army and free their fallen Goddess. Aquillia, took his bow once more and joined the fight against the Aruan Host. Fighting hard he managed to stop the Aruan Host and joined Akram on a voyage to find new power.

When Kiel and Kentauros came back to reform and start a new Akram Kingdom, Aquillia joined them in their quest. 

Soon the Oblivion War began and Akram decided to reform the Jaguar Squad, lead by Light and Aquillia. Being sent into their first official mission, they enter the Oblivion Temple City and placed explosives. Light Demicci, Aquillia, Fidelio, Asol, Fenrir Cross, Gears Annex and Sinocx Annex went into the temple to place dynamite and seal an enemy entrance. In the scuffle they fought Obsidian which lead to Fenrir and Light’s death. Fidelio and Aquillia took leadership and escaped only to see it explode right behind them. Soon after wards he

became the leader of the City of Junon Polis, until a new Defender was strong and capable to take his place.

During the second demon war, the Jaguar Squad was mobilized again to recover the Legendary Weapon, Sand Hand and Dual Cherubim. Fidelio, Aquillia, Krusa, Andrew and Ikaness went into the Sikuku Ruins and searched the darkest corners for the demons that hide the legendary weapon. Gaining the weapons they made their fast escape towards Xita Refuge and handed the Sand Hand to Commander Kiel. 

Aquillia believed that Obsidian was never defeated and kept preparing during the third Principality War for a clash.

When the new King, Sinocx rose up to power after the Invasion of Adventurer’s Plain, the Jaguar Squad was quickly dispatched. The Recon of Oblivion Temple was a success and observations of a split in the Aruan Army sparked the second Aruan Wars. In time Arua was brought back by Odracir and Nightmare, Aquillia quickly joined the Defender Army to fight against her new army. 


Victory in the Battle of Breezy Temple. Victory in the Zantian War. Title the

. Formation of the Jaguar Squad.  Jaguar Squad Operation Oblivion. Council of the Akram Kingdom. Jaguar Squad Operation Legendary Mace. Leader of the City of Junon Polis. Victory in the Third Principality War.

Characteristics: Aquillia is known to be a serious man, but he has his funny moments at times. He is strong willed and determined when it comes to fighting against demons and Aruans. He is known to spend time in Luxem Tower remembering of his times with his wife and the time he is not there he is in El Verloon Outpost starring down at the Oblivion Temple with vengeful thoughts.

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