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Recovered Texts: Pioneer Luxem

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Name: Luxem
From the Pioneer Era

Titles: The Wise, The Peacekeeper

Place Of Birth: A

First Accomplishment: Founding of Adventure Town

Group Affiliations:Pioneers


Job Class: Pioneer

Legendary Hero:Trained in the United S Military and the Shotokan , he was one of the first to lead the Expedition towards the Birth Gate. His skills mostly consisted of leadership, strategy and negotiations, but when needed to fight he could hold his ground to perfection. This was proven during the Pomic Conflict, when a group of rogue pomics began raiding the supply convoy that Luxem leads towards the Pomic Race. Luxem was also the first human to learn of the lands, powerful effects. He was the first to manipulate the energy around him to cast a skill. He then taught it to Zant, Longinus and Geon.

Luxem, the Wise, was the title given to him by the Pioneers. He always was there for the people and constantly gave them advice on life, living and battles. He also was the person who brought Christianity towards the new world. Teaching people about God, Jesus and all the benefits of eternal life. His teachings engulfed the entire planet, until the Aruans surged up.

Origins:Luxem Ro z was the leader of the first expedition towards the new world. He founde the Adventure Town, and co-founded the Fishing Town, Canyon City and Coastal Town. Along side Zant and several others they began to name the diverse creatures in the lands. At first it was believed that the new world was just an island, but as more expeditions went through the Ocean, it was discovered to be a small planet.

After the first two settlements, the human population continued to expand as more visitors crossed the Birth Gate. The constant growth demanded many supplies from the Plains and Valley. This lead to the growth in farming, fishing, hunting and gathering in the entire Adventurer’s Plain. The intrusion of the human race, quickly began to affect the creatures and the natives. Pomics and Jelly Beans began to riot against the visitors, seeing as the ground was not providing enough for the both natives and visitors. In order to not stir any sort of violence, Luxem developed a trade system with the creatures. The trade consisted that farmers and fishermen will give 10 percent of what they earn to the natives in the surrounding lands.

Life kept on and Luxem wed with the beautiful Lunar.

During the construction of the Canyon City surged up another uprising from the Natives, Woo . This was a violent action that resulted in the death of Adrea Lombardi. This forced the humans hand, and they quickly formed two fighting forces. The two teams were lead by the Pioneers Longinus and Geon. The El Verloon Outpost was then establish in order to form up a fort to protect the Canyon City. Luckily the Whoopies stopped their attack after a few months when Luxem and Zant met with them and decided to form the Canyon City as a city for both natives and humans. Sadly the Rackies began a campaign against the Canyon City, and the first war in the new planet began. Fighting hard Geon lead a defensive and offensive line in the El Verloon Desert that forced the Rackies to surrender and start negotiations with the Pioneers.

Soon after war broke out in the Anima Lake, between the Grunters and the Aquas. This forced the human population to start a defensive line in the Coastal Town, El Verloon Outpost and Desert Town. Three fighting forces lead these points, the Arua Force, Geon Force and Longinus Force. As the war keep Arua of the pioneers went to rescue a missing boy she dropped into a cavern where entities were located.

As Luxem manages to create a peace treaty with the Grunters and Aquas, Arua began to establish her own religion. She claimed to be a Goddess and gathered followers in Adventure Town. When meeting with Arua, Luxem lead a discussion meeting with the citizens of the Canyon City. On that same day Luxem died from a mysterious disease, many believe Arua poisoned him but no evidence was found of such an act.

His death lead the Aruan Religion to expand through out the lands, and many began to join Arua in a conquest of the Natives. Zant, Longinus, Geon, Lanter and Lunar built a monument for Luxem called the Luxem Tower, where heroes of the times would be put to rest after their demise. The first was Luxem, but he won’t be the last. The remaining Pioneers of the time decided to take a stand a fight against Arua, only to fall in later years and be laid to rest in Luxem Tower.

Achievements:First Expedition through the Birth Gate.  Founding of the Adventure Town. Leader of the Pioneers.

Characteristics: Luxem was a wise man, always helping out the pioneers and the creatures in every way possible. He established good trade systems with the Pomics, W s, Rackies, and Jelly Beans. His ideals and morals came from the Bible, as he followed Christianity in it’s most literal form. He established a lot of locations for praying and sermons. He was very faithful and always hopeful for a bright outcome in every situation. He always felt that angels watched over the Pioneers and their ancestors.

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