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Party System

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In Defenders of the Cross it is best to train with a Party. A Party is a group of Defenders that joined up to get stronger or complete a task. Some of these parties are called Squads because they are sent on special tasks for an Organization.

Anyone can create a party by inviting another defender. You can party with up to 10 other players and fight as a team. As your party fights as a team, the Party Level will increase. To invite another player, select their character then use the ‘Party’ skill found in your Skill window. You must also be within a 75 level difference from the other player you wish to invite.

Party Options

EXP Division in a party divides the Experience gained up in equal shares. There are even ways in which a party can further increase the experience they receive. The more players of the party that have dealt damage to the creature at the time it has been defeated, the more exp it will give to the entire party. Situations like bringing a party to take down a powerful boss can give huge experience rewards as a result! 

Item Earning has two options. The first is Equal Loot Distribution, this happens when a creature a party member was fighting drops an item, it quickly belongs to them and no one else can take it. The second option is Acquisition Order. In this option any party member can pick up an item drop, and it is given to a person in the party, following an order.

Party Benefits

Once a party is formed, the Party Level will start to increase as party members defeat monsters (PvE).

As the party levels up, you can add more and more players to it, at its maximum level of 50, you can have a total of 10 players in a party.

Party members will receive an extra percentage of experience from defeated monsters for every Party Member who took part in the kill, up to a maximum of 9 additional players with a lvl 50 party.

Party Buffs

Find some Support and receive special Party Buffs!

These are buffs that can only be given and received to players inside your own party. These are stronger than regular buffs, because they are given to everyone at a radius and last longer. Now the top of all the support class is the Cleric. Cleric buffs will be more beneficial to players in all environments, they last the longest and are increased by the Clerics ability. 


Many Defenders constantly party with each other. Some are friends who entered the game together or people you just greet and stick with.

But there are those who only party with their comrades or with their close friends. Some of these start to distinguish their party. If they have enough game time as a party, and partake in the DOTC Storyline they become a Squad. A squad is a party, they don’t have to be in the same clan, that is constantly together and have enough fame to be sent on special missions by the organizations.

In order to have an official squad, a player may decide to speak with the Order Union or the Brigade Union to get documentation as a symbol of the squad members. This will prove to be very useful because some mission from the M.O.B may even request your precise squad composition. (There have been times where a Squad even decides to become a Clan).

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